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Plan and Deliver High-Performance Workshops

Planning a great workshop is fun and a lot of work.

With a little bit of focus and time spent on the details beforehand, you can boost the value created for the event (both for the clients and for your own objectives).

A workshop planning software or a workshop registration software is commonly used by many event management companies in this regard for administrative, registration and payment purposes.

But the goal of the workshop should be at the back of your mind in the planning stage.

Creative efforts and following up afterward will relax the atmosphere. Even if you have worked very hard, it is common to get criticized but that is the nature of almost everything.

You can only improve from there on.

With that in mind, we suggest you read about some useful tips below on how to use a workshop registration software for events.

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Determine your goals

All successful workshops should have goals. Whether it is to train your employees to be better organizers, team building goals, improving hiring procedures, educational purposes, brand awareness, etc, goals are necessary for all your efforts.

Without such goals, it is pointless to endure such stress and apply so much effort. Let’s say you are hosting a sporting event then you can utilize a workshop registration software for sports. NGOs, on the other hand, can make use of workshop registration software for nonprofits.


Getting a clear picture of who is going to attend and what the size of the attendees will be is important. A workshop registration software for events can help you with insights to understand the overall attendee count.

Depending on the nature of your event, the size will vary. If it is to solve a problem, the attendees could generally be around ten. On the other hand, if your goal is around education, it could be a much larger group. A workshop registration software for classes can be useful in this scenario.

You might also divide such groups into smaller units for effective discussion.

Discuss your goals upfront with stakeholders

Ahead of your workshop, we recommend discussing the overall goals and objectives with your stakeholders and prepare a revised list of key focus areas. If you are hosting a workshop registration software for classes, make sure to prepare your objectives beforehand. Such measures will streamline and clarify your goals and make them more focused. Use a workshop registration software for sports if you are hosting a sporting event. If you are an NGO, it makes sense for you to utilize a workshop registration software for nonprofits. It also helps that your stakeholders are in agreement with the ultimate goals.


Choosing the right location is relevant according to the event. For a small group, a relatively normal conference room is okay which you can decide using a workshop registration software for conferences. For larger groups, you would need to find an appropriately sized location that is large enough (even outdoor locations).

If you do have presentations for the event, consider if the whole group will be able to see your templates/visual presentations. A workshop registration software for conferences can be used to determine the size of the conference room as it provides you insights into the attendee count.

The premise should be supportive of your types of equipment.

There are other factors like if your group will be able to reach your location or if you need to organize accommodation for some. The catering facilities should always be checked as the norm. With the help of a workshop registration software for events, you can determine your attendee count and hence, figure out the need for catering and accommodation facilities.

Agenda creation

You can now begin to chart an outline of what your goals are and how you will achieve them. The main points you would like to discuss, the visual aids that you require, the time is taken for each exercise, etc are some of the points you can list down.

The follow-up

This is one of the most effective ways to measure your workshop’s success. It always pays to have an effective follow-up plan. A questionnaire is the simplest way still to take account of how they felt about the whole event. It is one of the only ways to learn and improve your workshop organizing skills. The follow-up period could also be used to reiterate the conclusions and decisions that were taken during the workshop.

To measure the success of almost any types of workshops, you will want to track three key areas:

Like we wrote earlier, surveys are great to achieve all these at the conclusion of your workshop and also by further rigorous follow-up to monitor the success of ideas designated for further analysis (and eventual implementation). You can use a workshop planning software (workshop management software) for this purpose.

  • Quality of the workshop session
  • Quality of the facilitators themselves
  • The outcomes achieved as a result of the session

Make it fun and exciting

After all the planning and listing of your goals and topics, it would be disappointing if it isn’t made fun. Even though you might be using a workshop registration software for business, think about how you would make the event fun and memorable for the whole group. Getting them involved is key here. If everyone participates, you have almost won the battle with that kind of engagement.

There are further sub-tips for this point:

  • If you are splitting them into groups, make the group small enough for them to talk and interact.
  • Mix them up properly. Groups need to have an exciting range and classifying them based on their likes will not help them get to know the entire workshop audience. This also helps them to see things from different perspectives.

Build on participant ideas

Once you have the necessary inputs, feedbacks and further ideas from your participants, it is highly recommended to review these ideas and add appropriate comments. An effective workshop management software or a workshop registration software for Business can be utilized to enter their ideas.

This helps them to build upon each other’s ideas and will strengthen the overall value proposition and help raise additional questions for consideration.


If you are the type who likes to do everything on your own, step back and think for a while. Do not hesitate to delegate when necessary or required.

Remember, you also have to prepare all the content needed for the workshop (which is crucial and also takes a lot of time).

You can always consider pulling more team-mates to divide some sections of your workshop activities. Sharing responsibility (not ordering them) will make everyone feel more involved and invested in this process.

Keep track of time

Accurately timing your activities is an art and you should keep practicing this important task. It always helps to keep an estimate of how long an activity will take but expect this to change in reality and be prepared to roll with the punches of the day.

You can subtly keep an eye on the clock to stay on track. Again, a workshop registration software is very helpful to give you notifications in this regard. Though you are constantly checking the time, it is ideal not to let the participants feel or see that you are doing it. The best experiences (for the participants) are the ones that they have felt to be most natural and lightweight.

These are just guidelines and it will vary on how many times you conduct workshops frequently over a period of time. There are a number of ways to approach it. Each approach will definitely have its strengths and weaknesses. What is important is to learn from each experience and add appropriate variation for the next time until you get what fits your case perfectly.

There are plenty more variables you can add or adjust to your workshop from a number of areas (attendee numbers, the timing of each step, voting criteria, etc). Simplicity and consistency is generally the most effective approach.

How EvenTurbo can help you?

Whether you organize a small workshop, a comprehensive event or you want to educate your end-users, ensuring maximum attendance is important. EvenTurbo’s workshop planning software can effectively help you in this regard.

We can provide you with a cloud-based registration platform to meet your requirements no matter how diverse it is. With a single platform software like EvenTurbo, tracking and managing such workshops becomes a relatively simple task.

Our workshop planning software can manage your workshops be it for educational purposes, training requirements, certifications and any other type of workshops.

The workshop planning software automates the process by providing you fantastic options like online registrations, scheduling training, customized communications, custom reporting and much more. It helps that we can integrate directly with your website.

Along with all these features, we can record all your activities in real-time, facilitate guest comments, reports, analysis, and feedback. In other words, conducting a workshop has never been easier.