What is membership registration software?

Do you need them?

We have heard many event management groups exclaiming that they were not aware of membership registration software that could help them manage their membership more efficiently.

If you are dealing with tasks such as membership renewals, membership directories, events, newsletters etc, well you would be glad to know that there IS a membership management solution for that!

Many small organizations have volunteers and staff trying to do a lot with very little resources (limited budget, manpower etc).

Thankfully, there are technological solutions that can help your team, reduce wastage of time and stress level so that you can focus on growing your business.

Here is a detailed look at what membership registration software is how it works and how EvenTurbo can help you in this regards.

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A brief look at the definition of membership registration software

The official definition of membership registration software is that it automates the management of membership within associations, communities and other member-based organizations. The software helps them communicate with their constituents, share resources, promote events, collect fees and more.

It includes the following:

  • A membership database
  • The ability to process payments/dues/renewals
  • Event and calendar management
  • Communication tools (email, newsletters etc)

You can save your organization approximately 24 hours per week with powerful membership management software just by streamlining the whole process.

Let us take a look at the core elements of membership registration software.

Designed to automate and streamline administrative tasks

It is specifically designed to automate and streamline administrative tasks for associations, non profits and clubs.

Unlike having to purchase and install a number of different types of software, membership registration software usually offers an integrated system.

It provides components or modules that work together and offer an online administrative platform. Through this you can manage your website, membership database and administrative functions, event registration, online payments and donations.

They are cloud-based

Membership registration software are web-based and operating in the cloud. The best membership management software generally operates in the cloud meaning you can access it through a web browser without installing anything on your hard-drive.

You can access your data anytime, anywhere. Even members who like to register for an event can do so through online self-service.

With such a system, changes made to a member’s profile, status etc is instantly saved and available to all administrators. All your mailing lists, directories, reports etc are always up-to-date. There is no need for spreadsheets. Plus, your files are also automatically backed-up.

How can it help your organization?

Save time

Traditionally you had volunteers or administrators changing your member status, contact information etc manually. With this software, you can instantly update such details, renew, sign-up and even pay through your website through online connectivity.

Easier process for updating and sharing data

With membership registration software, all data and files are stored online. Membership status and contact information can be updated anywhere through the internet.

This means that everyone is working on the same set of records. Hence, when any changes are made to these data, all records are simultaneously updated preventing duplication and it also eliminates the need to copy files or email anyone separately.

The big picture

When the whole process and data is integrated through membership registration software, you are able to track and report seamlessly. You can now instantly create any kind of records in real time.

This places you in a position to feel, view and control on what is happening when the process is actually going on or even after it is completed.

Overhead costs are reduced

Under cloud-based membership management software, the service provider updates the software automatically. Your system is always current and therefore it reduces the need for constant tech support.

Your data and information is also backed up automatically and so you need not worry about computer crashes, lost files containing valuable data. There should also be limited downtime since they have backup servers as well as expert support to minimize service disruptions.

Grow and manage your membership efficiently

When you automate and move your membership application online, you are now making your offer faster, more efficient to member besides saving time for yourself too. When you enable members to change their details or pay their charges/fees through online self-service, nobody has to constantly worry about sending checks to the bank.

Offering a customized, web based automated process has many advantages. New members can easily sign up and pay online right away. You can set your membership registration software to send confirmation emails upon approval of their membership, send welcome emails, newsletters, invitation etc to engage and impress your clients.

Connect and communicate effectively

The two-way communication system helps you to grow a healthy relationship with your members and prospects. With an easy to use content management system, you do not have to depend on a webmaster or tech support to update your web content.

You can transform your website into an information hub or an online community where volunteers, members and prospects can ask questions, share information etc.

Event calendars and other templates can be easily created which makes your online promotion very effective to prospects and existing members. With such a comprehensive membership management software, promoting events and sending newsletters becomes a simple task besides enabling you to track delivery and clicks for emails.

EvenTurbo’ membership registration software provides the solution for all these

Organizing a successful association, club, non-profit schemes and all other events can be challenging.

EvenTurbo’s membership registration software brings together all the tools you need to efficiently run your organization in just one elegant program. It can easily handle all the activities and tasks detailed in this write-up including membership database management, online event registration, sending customized emails, setting up a member facing website, automated membership renewals, handle online payments etc.

All these features are integrated in one place so that you don’t have to copy-paste or transfer from one program to another. Besides covering each point we have detailed throughout this blog, EvenTurbo has some extra features too.

Secure data

Securing your member’s data is one of your important responsibilities.

At Eventurbo, we store your data in a dedicated cloud database therefore increasing your member data security.

Mobile friendly

You might be aware of Google’s decision to shift to a mobile-first indexing style. This means that your mobile site determines how your company shows up in the search results.

If you aren’t mobile friendly, you could face a difficult time to show up on the search pages when a potential client searches for you.

Today, more than half of online transactions happen on a mobile device. EvenTurbo provides a mobile-friendly registration process making your company more mobile-friendly. You can also check all your data and reports through such devices.

Compatible for different payment methods

When you operate on your own without membership registration software, it is difficult to accept different types of payment methods. The last thing you want is to see a prospective client turning away because you are not equipped to accept the customer’s preferred payment method. With EvenTurbo, you do not have to worry about such compatibility.

We are integrated to accept different mode of payments (including paytm, authorize.net, paypal etc).

EvenTurbo is an all-in-one integrated package and has one of the best membership management software in the business. Besides integration of online payments and automation, our strength includes reporting and tracking too.

This is a massive advantage compared to other similar systems. You can pull up financial reports for your events anytime.

If you still have questions or other doubts about how mms can help your organization, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.