A Guide to the working of membership management platform

What is a membership management platform?

If you are running an online business then you can build an online community comprising of the audience who matter for your business.

For example, if you are a professional trainer then you would like to have a community comprising of the people who would take your training courses.

They would be the members of your community. For all entrepreneurs, a membership management platform is the best solution that allows them to have a large audience in their online community whom they can effectively reach out to promote their services.

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Why have a membership management platform?

The reasons why you would need to have a software platform to manage your members are:

  • When you have members in your community, you can extend the reach of your business and target your audience in an effective way to promote your business.
  • The members are in effect leads that you can work on to promote your business. You can convert your leads as customers and earn revenue from them.
  • The membership platform concept would allow online business providers to be assured of reliable customers from whom consistent business can be expected. A paid membership model can be used to get regular business.
  • A membership platform where service provider and members interact helps to build a long-term relationship. This would help a business develop a great relationship and provide services to help develop that relationship.
  • This concept allows you to get instant feedback from your customers. And you need not wait till you complete the service. You can get regular and ongoing feedback. This is helpful to make corrections and improvements that can make your business more effective.
  • A good membership platform would provide you with a host of features that allow you to get members, interact with them and provide your services online in an effective way. This is the reason why using such a platform would be beneficial.

Who should use a membership management platform?

Every online business provider can make use of this platform to build a community and provide targeted services. There are different ways the platform can be used depending on the type of service provider. Here’s how it can be done:

  • If you are a consultant, then you offer members advisory services on a subscription basis. This is a good way to earn revenue. This will also help you build long-term relationships. If the members are happy with the advice you provide, you can then work to getting a contract from them for regular services.
  • If you are a content creator, or blogger, you can then have a direct relationship with your target audience. You can sell your services directly to them without an intermediary. This helps to build a deeper and stronger relationship.
  • If you are a trainer, you can offer free sample training to members. You can also have a membership offer where the full program is offered.
  • If you are a company offering products in the market, then you can have free memberships where you can offer a personal connection with those who use your products. This is a good way to build long-term relationships.

Features of a membership management platform

End to end solutions provided

A good membership platform would provide a complete set of tools to handle all membership related activities. Right from account management, content creation, uploading of files and data, payment processing, and member communication – all activities would be provided as a bouquet. This is an end to end solution that takes care of all the needs for a membership platform.


The membership platform that you are having should be integrated with any other business you are offering or any other products you may be selling. This is a complete vertical integration, which helps a businessperson to manage their business operations and enroll members easily.

Quick payments

The membership platform should, of course, allow for online payment by members. What is more important is that the platform should transfer money to you when you need it, which is immediate. Many platforms make you wait 30 days. But you need to look for a platform that would help you with quick payments.

Different membership plans

When you have an online community, you should be able to give different options for members. A good platform will provide you the ability to create multiple membership plans. Free plans with limited features, initial plan, advanced plan, and premium plan – all options can be given by you to members.

Hosting of content

While most platforms would allow you to post content, the hosting is important. You should not have to depend on YouTube or other platforms to host your content. The best membership platform would allow you to host your content. This allows you to have the perfect offering for your audience.


Most people use their mobile phones to access the internet. So, they would be using their mobile phone to access your membership platform. In such a case, you must ensure that the content is mobile-friendly. A good platform would have all the features required to make your content and the platform itself work well on a mobile.

No restrictions

A professional platform would not impose any restrictions. As you interact with members, the number of members increases, the number of files increase, the size of data uploaded also increases. When a site sets restrictions on the size of files, number of members, it can cause problems. You need to pay extra in such cases, which is not just a burden, but causes problems. You, therefore, need to look for a platform that offers unlimited services.

Managing affiliates

A good platform will allow you to handle your affiliate marketing activities also through the platform. Affiliate marketing will be very beneficial as it allows you to gain more members through existing members who would be affiliates. Managing the affiliate marketing would be a good option your platform needs to provide.

Owned domain

When you host a membership platform, it should not be on the website of the provider, but your own website. Being able to host the platform on your domain is a good option that can help you promote your own brand. Also, your own website can have SSL features to make it more secure so it will be trusted by your customers.

Support for file types

When you are hosting contents, you should not be restricted to some types of content. A good platform would allow you host your content in any file type. Whether it is Mp4, PDF, Doc or any other format, the platform would support all formats and allow it to be used.

Issues to consider while using a membership management platform

Certain key issues you need to keep in mind when you use a platform for membership management are:


The platform you use should be scalable, i.e.: you should be able to expand it as your business grows. As the number of members you have grows the work involved also increases. More files need to be hosted, more members and different sub-communities may have to be created. You also may want to offer new products. The platform should be able to allow you to expand the services offered easily.

Payment processing

The platform would collect membership fees from your members. This has to be transferred to you instantly using any convenient option. This helps you to manage your money flow easily and you don’t have to wait till the end of the month to get your money.


You need to pay the platform for implementing it in your work. Different platforms have different plans. Make sure you select one that is transparent and has no hidden fees. If the platform charges a membership fee from you, then you need not pay any transaction fee. This is something you need to keep in mind.

Brand promotion

When you use a platform provided by a third party, you would be actually doing marketing for them. The idea is for you to build your brand through the platform where you engage with your audience. The platform should allow you to customize features so that you can do your brand promotion.


As you implement the platform, you may face technical issues or any other problems. The platform needs to provide quality support services. Customer support must be available so that you can get any problems resolved. Any technical issues you face needs to be handled and all your doubts clarified. This will help you to run your platform effectively.

A membership management platform is something every online business needs to consider. It is a good way to build a community where you can bring in members and offer your services online to them.

It is a great way to build your brand and earn revenue.