Fundraising management software

Do you need them?

A non-profit activity or a charity event can be a rewarding experience that supplies invaluable service and support to the community.

Though this is an admirable venture, devoting countless hours can be very draining while also trying to raise crucial funds.

The focus of such endeavours is to increase revenues while expanding reach and effectiveness.

These goals are achieved much more effectively with the help of a non-profit management software.

Whether it is because you find it difficult to realize your goals or for other reasons, it is prudent to consider the following compelling reasons on why you require a fundraising management software.

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Safety and credibility

Even for the best of causes, you need to make individuals feel safe that their personal and financial information is secure in your hands.

Only then will individuals feel comfortable to donate their hard-earned money or time. Fundraising management software provides a safe and secure online transaction environment that alleviates concerns related to scams, virus, data breaches etc. Ensuring complete accuracy and transparency goes a long way in establishing your credibility.

91% of people who abandoned online payments opine that they do not trust a company’s ability to keep private data secure (as per PRNewsire).

Hence, a system that supplies everything from data encryption and intrusion monitoring to firewalls and security policies wins the trust of members and builds on the credibility factor.

Increased presence and reach

The growth of a nonprofit organization is marked in terms of steady growth in participation and revenue.

An effective fundraising management software enables organizations of any size to portray a polished public image by offering modern e-commerce services, professional materials and customized, attentive customer service.

But above all this, fundraising management software can help you to expand your reach through social media tools by making it easier for existing members to spread the word and promote your organization. Online marketing capabilities are increasingly becoming more essential for nonprofit organizations.

More than half of those who engage with nonprofit organization via social media are likely to take further actions (like donations, volunteering etc) and displaying such actions public on their social media pages. This leads to more shares and more participation.

Modern efficiency

Charity management system can reduce your expenses and other overhead costs making it feasible for just one employee to achieve gains that was traditionally achieved through an entire team.

Operations and cash management is efficiently streamlined. When your fundraising management software automates the online payment and registration process, it reduces overhead costs associated with processing credit cards, checks etc.

All these streamlined areas including timely transaction processing and deposits, ability to eliminate duplicate accounts, sending filtered communications etc will make the funds you raise more efficient and powerful helping you achieve your goals faster.

Workload is reduced

With a charity management system, you will notice that the time taken to run your organization is dramatically reduced.

You need only a few hours of training for an average user to get used to this system. Once the system is set, you then start saving more time when you automate administrative tasks such as sending out documents, donation receipts, filing and categorizing members etc.

Integrated fundraising management software covers many of the subtle yet important details like creating customized forms for online registration, collecting donations, managing volunteer sign up etc. This enables your workforce to devote more time towards other important fundraising activities.


An effective fundraising management software allows you to seamlessly grow with your client base. A key advantage while using such system is the ability to rapidly scale up and down to handle fluctuations in user numbers, data volumes, process flows etc allowing your organization to cope easily with the rapid business changes. The software scales your needs with just a few clicks of a mouse.

It keeps every individual on a donation schedule of their choice and automatically sends out payment reminders, statements, personalized emails etc while you do the crucial task of keeping your members involved in other tasks and make them more manageable.

Data collection and analysis

Charity management software allows your organization to import existing data into the system while adding unlimited new accounts as and when your database grows. Since not all members respond to the same type of interaction, it is now possible under this software to segment groups based on their level of involvement, preferences, investment potential etc.

This helps effective communication to reach out to your most dedicated donors during important fundraising campaigns and others who aren’t actively participating.

An up-to-date system should offer you real time visibility into operational activities and progress against strategic goals. It also delivers operational metrics or KPIs and provides alerts when there is a variance. All these equip the organization to access the information needed to more efficiently manage its database. It is all about fusing your traditional style with a modern nonprofit management software.

These are some of the reasons why you require an effective nonprofit management software

But how do you select them? Let us take a look at the main criteria you should satisfy while you select a relevant nonprofit management software.

6 fundamental Fundraising management software selection tips

Choose a management software designed for non-profits

This is a an important criteria that all nonprofits, especially smaller nonprofits, should look for. We always recommend choosing a fundraising management software that is actually designed for your organization.

For example, a smaller organization might constantly need to piece together a donor data software like patchwork across several systems. You should not have to spend too much time or resources to do such tedious tasks of exporting and importing donor data across systems.

It is much more preferable to find a software that is crafted precisely for you. The right fundraising management software should offer at least some of the below features:

  • Robust CRM technology including giving out summaries and timelines
  • Engagement scoring to track the most dedicated donors and who needs additional assistance
  • Wealth screening to check who could be giving more
  • Online giving capabilities to get donors through your website
  • Email marketing capabilities so that you can send customized marketing emails.

Building customized donor profiles and capture informative data

Data is a pivotal area in your management strategy. If you do not have the correct information about your supporters, you will not be able to manage them or come up with an effective management strategy either. We recommend compiling donor profiles that include the following:

  • Biographical and contact information (their informal name, date of birth, employer, gender, contact , social media info etc)
  • Relationship (connected to which clients if any)
  • Communication preferences (whether they prefer phone call, email, type of newsletter etc)

It is always better to choose a fundraising management software that enables your organization to learn and save as much as it can about your clients


Using the data in the right manner is as important as collecting them. If you do not leverage your data, it is of not much use. Once you receive relevant accurate data about your clients, segment it properly allowing you to devise an effective communication strategy to maximize your organization.

For example, if you have former students and current students in your customer database, you should be segmenting them and communicating to them separately. It will not create any impact if you send the same type of newsletters or acknowledgement to everyone since we are all flooded with such generic messages.

Fundraising management software operating procedure

This is an important tip that many nonprofit organizations are underestimate often.

It is very important to document your fundraising management software strategy. It just is not enough to keep your strategy in your own head. You need a documented standard operating procedure on how the database is going to be used.

With the correct fundraising management software strategies, your nonprofit organization will rarely miss out on key data insights.

Understand the type of data you require

It is better to have a clear idea of what kind of information you would like to collect, how you would use this information later for analysis and communication etc. Understanding what combination of donor information you need to prepare reports or exports will give you an idea of what kind of fundraising management software you require.

Consider your resources

It is important to have a clear understanding of the resources you can devote to purchasing and maintaining a new system.

The money you can invest and the time period, time required to have it set up, to train employees, strength and limitations of your current infrastructure etc are some of the factors you should be clear before investing in a fundraising management software.

Ask for a demo

With all the information given above in your mind, create a list of what you require. You can then ask to see a demo of how the tool will support your main requirements instead of asking about the features. If you like to know more, please give us a call.

Further to the insights we have given you, the main criteria for selecting a fundraising management software is by understanding you own needs and comparing them to the fundraising management software tool. It isn’t mandatory to assume that a more powerful system will work better for you.

An overcomplicated system could waste your time and money if you are never going to use the advanced features. On the other hand, it is also important to invest in a system that could support your processes as you grow. Therefore, you might want to consider all your current requirements and future goals while you consider a good donor management software.

It will definitely reduce your stress when it comes to preparing your annual goals and reports.