What is a conference and event management software?

If you are an event management company or a corporate entity that regularly organizes business events and conferences, then you would understand the complexities involved.

Organizing a business event and managing it effectively involves a lot of work. Doing it manually is cumbersome and is time consuming. When you use a conference and event management software, you can automate the work that is done.

Such a software helps event planners, organizers and managers handle their entire work in an effective manner.

The entire gamut of activities involved in managing an event can be handled in the best possible way.

This is truly the perfect solution that helps events managers and corporate entities automate their work processes and benefit from it.

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Who should use a conference and event management software?

The software for conference and event management can be used by any type of organization that organizes such events. This includes:

  • Professional event management companies
  • Corporate entities that organize business events and meets
  • A University or a college that organized academic conferences
  • Research entities that organized research based conferences
  • Government organization that conducts congresses, conferences and meets
  • Marketing agencies that organize different types of business events
  • Training providers who conduct training programs, seminars, workshops, and conferences
  • Associations who organize meetings
  • Non Governmental Organizations that organize meets

Why would you need to use a conference and event management software?

When you use a software solution for organizing and managing an event or a conference, then you can get multiple benefits from it. This includes:

  • The software automates all activities involved making it easy and effective. It helps to save time and effort that would be required to do this work manually.
  • The registration process for these events and conferences can be handled smoothly and easily. It can be done on a customized way specific to the event and as per the requirements of the organizers.
  • The software can handle any type of event and also any number of attendees. There are no restrictions.
  • Event promotional activities can be carried out easily and website access is possible from any device, whether it is a mobile or a laptop.
  • Payment processing is easy and integration with different methods and providers is possible. This ensures that the entire business process is easily automated.
  • The data collection is done in a smooth way and is done in a secure way. For events organized in Europe, there are norms known as GDPR that strictly has to be complied. The software ensures GDPR compliance.
  • Customer support is provided to handle any issues, whether technical problems or other implementation issues. The software would provide customer support through telephone, email, and online chat.

Features of a conference and event management software

A good software that is used for managing conferences and events would have all the features needed for the work to be done effectively. These features include:


The software would have a dashboard that users would see when they open it and start working on it. The dashboard would present the entire gamut of activities being carried out in the form of tables and graphs. This allows management to get a quick snapshot of what is happening. This is valuable input for management.


All types of reports can be generated using the software. These would be routine reports prior to events, and post-event reports. Also regular reports like weekly and monthly reports can be generated. Reports on payments and registrations can be easily generated. MIS reports and on demand reports can all be handled easily through the software.


The software allows you to have an exclusive website for your events. This will be a great option for you to promote your event and provide complete information on the event to prospective attendees. The software would give an option to create this website in a simple way. User-friendly tools are available that allow event organizers to create a website even if they have no technical knowledge of web designing. This is a very useful option for event organizers.


In-built options are available for communication with prospective attendees. Whether it is sending emails or SMS, it can be done easily through the software and the process can be automated saving time. Whether it is a notification, invitation or a promotional campaign, it can all be managed effectively.

PDF creator

There would be a lot of output that comes out of the event planning process. This includes badges, tickets, itineraries, and certificates. This can be created by you and pdf files made that you can easily mail or print. The software allows you this option in an easy way.


The software allows you a virtual reception where the reception desk can use the software to provide service to attendees. This software will be helpful in smooth management of the helpdesk and can help to avoid queues at the time of start of the event.


When you organize an event, you need to register participants or attendees. Registration process can be done easily and can be customized as per your organization’s needs. This allows you to handle all registration related activities in a simple and effective way.


Payment of event fees can be handled by the software. Whether actual payment is done online or offline, it can be handled effectively. This allows the payment process and the reporting to be done easily. Accounting team can get the complete payment reports through this module.


A good software will allow you to customize the usage. This will help you make settings. You can design the website, configure the accounts for email, settings for communication, etc. You can also integrate the services of anSMS provider to send SMS easily. Language support to translate forms and documents to other languages are available.


The software would allow you to conduct surveys of attendees. You can find out the opinion of attendees. You can use this to take feedback. It can also be used for other purposes also.

Account management

The software would have all options to manage the user accounts. User accounts, roles, privileges can be handled easily. This would ensure that different users would have different access options for different modules. All this can be managed easily by the administrator.

System modification

You can modify the system as per your need, including coding. Integration with other services can be done by you easily. The software can be integrated with Google Ad Words, Facebook marketing, etc. All this can be done easily and you can use this to promote your events.

Mobile App

When you make use of a good software for conference management, the developers would also provide an app. The mobile app can be used for check-ins at the event. Adding attendees and marketing attendance are functionalities available through the app that can be handled by the staff manning the reception desk at the event.

How a conference and event management software can help in event management?

When you use a software solution for managing your conference and event, its scope extends to the entire event management. The event managing team that takes care and is responsible for the conference would benefit from it. The following are the benefits for the event managers:

  • The software is a boon for event managers as the entire range of activities needed to handle an event, right from planning to administrative functions can be handled using the software.
  • You can create schedules using the software. The entire event can be planned and scheduled in an easy way. The schedules can be created and approved and put up on the event website for potential attendees to see.
  • Updates can also be added easily. An event is planned, but subsequently, it is possible that some changes may need to be done. This can be easily handled and updates posted. Once you modify the event, the attendees would get a notification about it.
  • You can use signs and kiosks during the event to notify attendees, promote events. All this can be managed using the software.
  • Visitor management can be handled easily. Issue of badges can be done using the software. This is a very important aspect of the software.
  • Event reporting can cover all aspects of the event right from sales to registration, and feedback to accounts. This is a major feature of the software. In-built templates are available and they can be easily customized as per your requirements.
  • Integration with other systems happens easily. Integration with accounting systems can be done so that invoicing and related activities can happen easily.

All organizations that conduct any type of event can make their work easier by using a conference and event management software.

A professionally designed software would help them automate all their processes and carry out the event in a smooth and effective way.