How Eventurbo is the best booking software for events

What is a booking software for events?

If your organization were into event management, then there would be a number of activities that you would carry out to make your work easier and effective. One of these is booking for events or appointment scheduling. This is a key activity wherein you engage with your customers for digital booking of appointments. For a large company, this can be a cumbersome activity and there is thus a need for booking software for events.

A software application would always help you do things faster, accurate, in an easier way and be more effective. Eventurbo is one such software solution. This allows you to make bookings for events and is the best software that can be used for handling events. This is a very useful solution allowing you to schedule your bookings online and also manage them. This can be done online through the mobile phone and also through a customer helpdesk.

The software is designed in such a way that it seamlessly integrates with the existing systems that you are already following. The overall objective of this software is to enhance the quality of engagement with customers and allow them to have a great experience. This helps you to keep customers happy and you can look to improve your revenues.

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How booking software for events would be helpful?

When you use booking software, your process of booking appointments would be automated. This would ensure that you are more effective in your work and can produce better results. Efficiency means better productivity leading to savings. Booking software also ensures accuracy. Work done manually generally can lead to errors. When you automate the process, it would lead to more accuracy and better quality of work.

Further, using software for bookings ensure that your tracking and managing of events is smoother and easier. Problems of conflict, overbooking and such issues can be easily resolved by using software. This can be used on a mobile phone or on a system with your customer helpdesk. It helps makes helpdesk processes more effective leading to better customer engagement.

Ultimately, the use of software leads to a better experience for customers. This directly translates to improved satisfaction, increased sales, and higher revenues. Not only do you save money by automation, but you can also boost your revenue. The end result will be that you are more profitable as a business. Booking software can thus have a direct bearing on your bottom line.

The booking software also works as a management tool and allows you to easily create reports with accurate information and analysis. This would be very helpful for management to understand how things are progressing. ROI analysis reports can be quickly and easily generated and given to the management. In any organization, it is data that helps in making decisions. The timely and resourceful reports available through Eventurbo software ensures that the management can use this information to make well-informed decisions. The software thus is very useful for management.

Since appointments and bookings are made online, the process is simplified. Once the booking has been entered into the system, it would be also easy to modify the booking. This can be done by any of the staff. The system thus works smoothly and whenever customer requests for modifications, it can happen easily without making the customer wait.

Completion solution offered by booking software for events

When you use a booking software you are getting a complete solution that addresses all requirements related to events. Using a software allows you the following benefits:

  • The booking process is simple and easy to carry out.
  • The platform is designed such that it is scalable, which means you can use it easily even for large events.
  • Since it is online, it would be available 24/7 and booking can be done anytime from anywhere.
  • The registration form when used can be easily customized as per the client’s requirements with their logo
  • You can not only handle individual registrations but also registrations in bulk, which can be handled easily without any hassles.
  • The availability of the payment gateway ensures that payment can be done securely.
  • It also allows for notifications and reminders, which would be very useful in event management activities.

Features of booking software for events

Eventurbo has a number of attractive features which make it the best software for handling bookings and appointments for events. You can easily digitize your events and also monetize it by using the software. Here are some of the top features of the software that make it so popular:

  • You can create events in the language of your choice or the choice of your customer, which is more important.
  • It is easy to connect with the audience directly using Eventurbo software.
  • You can engage with customers by using any of the channels provided by the software.
  • Previewing is easily possible while using the software.
  • There is support for the use of multiple languages for use during booking.
  • An inbuilt communication manager feature is a highlight of this software. It allows for easy communication whereby customization of email is possible.
  • Multi-day event support is a powerful feature that this software provides.
  • Custom forms are available for registration. This is simple, easy to use and makes the booking process more effective. This can be used to create questionnaires that would be useful to collect information about customers and to understand their expectations as well as take into account their valuable suggestions after the event.
  • A powerful option in Eventurbo is the ability to track incomplete registrations. These could be potential leads who did not complete the booking for some reason. The software allows the client to develop these leads and thus acts as a marketing tool.
  • In case of walk-ins on the date of the event, the software has easy provision to book all their details. The attendees to the event who have walked in at the last minute can be registered by any of the staff easily without any problems.
  • Bulk upload is possible where offline registration happens. In such cases, these offline forms can be uploaded to Eventurbo in a quick and easy way so multiple registrations happen at the same time and there is no need to enter each form individually. This helps to save time and is a great feature.
  • Supposing your event has too many participants, then you can use the software to put some people on a waitlist. This list contains people who probably came late and hence could not be accommodated. However, they would be interested to attend. If someone registered cancels, then automatically the first person on the waitlist can get registered and he is informed to make the payment. This is a very handy feature for event managers.
  • Payment gateways are supported for easy payment through multiple modes. Option for offline payments and late payments are also possible when this booking software is used.
  • Eventurbo has an app that can be used for registrations and check-in on the date of the event. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and it has a QR code as well as bar code option for check in. The app can be easily used for registrations on the spot and also for check-ins.
  • Eventurbo is a cloud system, so data securely resides on a cloud server. This allows easy access to data from anywhere with high reliability. Also for events, a tenant concept can be used on the cloud so that different users can be created who can handle different functions in an event.
  • The entire event management right from registration to order management to payment and even refund can be managed through this software. This makes the software very handy and invaluable for event managers.
  • Real time analytics can be captured for every event. This gets synchronized automatically so all concerned parties will be aware of what is happening during the event. This analytics will be very useful for management. Event organizers can use this analytics to find out how happy customers are and also to reduce costs and improve efficiency levels.
  • Eventurbo allows for social media integration. All event details can be shared on a variety of social media platforms. This allows for convenience for the customers who can check these details on social media.

The multiple features available in Eventurbo is very useful for event organizers and managers. It is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to make work easier and more effective. For all these features provided, multiple and easy pricing plans are available.

There is even a free plan where no payment is required upfront. There are different payment options that can be used depending on the type of events organized. All this makes Eventurbo the best booking software for events and it is a software that event companies must have.