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As businesses continue to go digital, protection of personal data has become a huge concern. Right from signing up for events to joining online portals, we continue to give our data for various reasons via the Internet. Data sharing is fine provided it doesn’t get misused in any way.

If you are an event management company or want to plan an event for your organization it is important that you choose an event management platform that’s safe, reliable and takes data privacy very seriously.

Here are a few things you can do at your end to keep your personal data or event data safe at all costs.

Data collection is a huge business

Ever wondered why companies collect your information in the first place?

They collect it to create your profile, so that they pretty much know what you like, your preferences, and your overall lifestyle. This helps them push targeted products and services your way creating a feeling of win-win.

Although in most cases, it’s only they who end up being at an advantage. By way of cookies, web beacon, e-tags and other tools, data brokers keep a tab on all your online activities, and the things you are most likely to shop for. Now that you are using smartphones, do you even realize how easily you allow them access to your address book and many other folders?

Things are not very different when it comes to event management companies either. They too are using your data and the worst part is that you are clueless about the whole thing.

Owning your event data

When you choose a platform or a tool to plan events, do you bother to understand their terms and conditions? Very often, in fine print, they would have mentioned how they will share your data as and when necessary and you must have gone ahead and gladly signed up.

So what happens is that the company or the platform ends up collating a lot of data under the pretext of advertising your event, segregates it and leverages it to push other events of similar nature. Needless to say, all this happens at your cost. So you are the one who puts in all the efforts to plan the event and finance it, and the platform you choose to promote or manage it, walks away with all your event data.

This also means that you never really get access to details that you rightfully deserve. So regardless of it being ‘your ‘event, you are perpetually in the dark as far as understanding your audience is concerned.

This does not mean all of them are the same. There are secure event management platforms too that do not have vested interests in your data and what’s done for you is delivered to you alone. So if you choose a company like Eventurbo, you get access to real-time data along with pertinent details about the people who have chosen to attend your event – their age, gender, geographical location, profession, likes and preferences, etc.

This not only gives you a better understanding but also gives you the necessary edge to plan an event in a more effective manner next time.

Summing it up,

As a rule of thumb, always check the terms and conditions before signing up for any service. Even if you are just an unsuspecting event attendee, make sure that you understand what you are getting into and who you are dealing with to be on the safer side. Data security is everybody’s right and responsibility. Make sure that you choose the right event management platform to own your event data all the way and engage in a more efficient manner with your customers.

For more details about event data protection or for organizing an event while adhering to best practices, feel free to contact our event tech specialist.

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