What is Event Management Software


A set of tools and solutions addressing different areas pertaining to event management are broadly covered by event management companies that rely on event management software.

While some companies aim to take care of the entire event lifecycle, there are others that look into specific areas such as registration, ticketing, analytics, surveys, etc.

It is therefore important that the company you choose has the expertise and the experience to handle the many nuances pertaining to the kind of events you host and the industry you belong to. While some basic things will remain the same, there are companies that have a very niche approach to business verticals and the type of event. To choose the right software, you need to look into the event management system features first.

Let’s understand what event management software is all about and how it could help you plan events with stupendous success.

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Event Management System Features – Areas Covered

Some of the broad areas that event organizers cover include attendee satisfaction, revenue, media coverage and team building. The many solutions they offer are devised to address specific pain points and boost the success rate of the event. As we all know, it all starts and ends with attendees. Event software is loaded with the best attendees engagement features to ensure that they have a good overall experience. Their satisfaction remains of paramount importance and their intent to visit you again and participate is the ultimate measure of your event success.

Today, attendees fill up their own details and make it easier for the event personnel to use their free time to focus on building guest data and working on the best event promotion features that facilitate faster on-site check-ins and quicker payments. The event management software benefits are manifold. Here is a 7-point snippet of the same.

Event Management Software Advantages: Key Benefits

1.  A single platform that facilitates better coordination among teams that include logistics, sales & marketing, accounts, travel, etc.

2. Event management software features to ensure that activities are in sync across departments.

3. Horizontal and top-down visibility on operations makes it easier to adhere to budget caps and enjoy greater savings.

4. It eliminates the need for large teams since most processes are automated.

5. Smooth workflows in the entire lifecycle of the event ensuring greater success.

6. Gives a better grip on planning activities around social media, media plans, and event highlights to enhance audience engagement by using the attendees engagement features of the software.

7. It provides useful event promotion features to enhance the reach of your event.

Event Management System Features – Solutions Offered

1. Event management software features end-to-end solutions and tools that help streamline processes across the event cycle

2. Open source solutions that allow customization and scope to scale to more complex requirements

3. Event management software benefits web conferencing for online events such as webinars

4.  Polling feature that provides poll results in real-time and can be used effectively to reach a global audience

5. Event management software features ticketing apps that go a long way in attendance management

6. On ground event management that includes smart features such as intuitive wait-list management, walk-in management and quick check-ins

7. Online event registration features that come with automated emails & reminders, bulk uploading of registrations, and secure payment gateways

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No matter which solutions you prefer and which industry you belong to, event management software is ideal for corporate, businesses and firms that need to plan events that benefit them as well as participants.

Event planning is easier said than done. It involves a lot more than just planning activities and sending out invites. The right tools can lead to greater success and better relationships.

Make sure that you choose the right event management software and partner for your event planning requirements. Those like EvenTurbo are always ready to walk that extra mile to ensure smiles for all while keeping your guest data safe and secure.

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