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Event planning has been time and again named as one of the most stressful jobs on Earth and we could not agree more! In our previous articles, we have talked about all the facets of event management and a discussed a few tactical ways to handle all this stress. However, hosting a fundraising event is another ballgame in itself! The responsibilities increase manifold. In this case, along with the basic event management responsibilities, event planners need to stay on their toes about whether or not they can convince their attendees to donate for the cause.

Keeping all these concerns in mind, Eventurbo brings to you some expert tips in this article, to help you ace your fundraising event management goals.

How to Organize a Successful Fundraiser

1. Determine the Goal of the Fundraiser

Before you set up the website using event management software, you need to decide the total amount of money you are looking to raise in the event. The decision cannot be solely your own or just a random figure. To come to a decision about the fundraising goal, you need to work in conjunction with the organization’s leadership, key fundraisers and the beneficiaries of the fund. Key takeaways:

  • Event planners should finish off with this step way ahead of the basic fundraising event management tasks – 8-10 months out
  • The goal amount should be what you hope to raise after deducting the expenses of hosting the fundraiser.

2. Draft a Budget Plan and Adhere to it

Hosting an event is a great experience for sure, however stressful it might be. The key to eliminating excess stress is drafting an event budget early into the event management process and strictly adhering to it. The budget should take into account the overall fundraising goal, ensuring that you raise that amount, over and beyond the total expenses.

What are the aspects that the fundraising event management budget should include? – Staff, invitations, catering, transportation, venue, parking, security, utilities and other ad hoc expenses. Read our blog if you are struggling to get your event budget in order – 5 Tips to Better Manage Your Event Budget 

3. Get your Event Website Up and Running

An important part of organizing any event, event planners should make use of the modern online event management system to create an event website that appeals to the attendees. The trick is to know how to design a website that can actually convince the audience to donate for your fundraiser. 

Event management software, like Eventurbo, are committed to being of help to both the organizers and attendees. On the website, ensure you write short and crisp copy that captures the readers’ attention and make use of appealing images and videos that speak of the cause that the funds you raise would be supplied to. 

Here are some other amazing tips for you to design an event website that converts using an online event management system – How to Create an Attractive Event Website

4. Look Up Your Target Audience to Plan the Event Marketing Process

When you are organizing a fundraiser, it is obvious that you are looking to target a certain group of people for your attendee list. Once your event website is up, you can use the event management software to market your event via emails and social media. But before you get to it, it is important you understand who your target audience is.

Are you appealing to a group of young entrepreneurs for donations or do you want to reach out to young parents instead? Would you rather keep the attendee list generic or only invite businessmen and people who can afford to donate enough money for a cause? 

Once you are clear about these questions, do a quick research about how you can appeal to the particular section, their likes and dislikes. All of this will, in turn, help you decide which marketing channel would work the best for you.

Still unsure about how event promotion works? Read here – A Step by Step Guide to the Event Marketing Strategy for 2020

4. The Set-Up of the Event 

As discussed earlier, a fundraising event management process is no easy task, especially when there is a monetary target to chase. This means that every aspect of the event has to be impeccable – from safety issues at the venue, to parking spaces, catering and venue aesthetics. 

Understand the aspirations of your target audience and work towards it. What sort of entertainment, food and venue do they like? Does it suit the message you are trying to portray? To meet the goal of your fundraiser, you should make their choices your priority. Your attendees should be convinced that the event experience is worth the money they are willing to donate. 

The Eventurbo Edge

With Eventurbo, have your event management goals fulfilled. One of the leading event management software in India, Eventurbo delivers all the features that every modern event management software should provide to its users. Create personalized event websites that please your visitors and essentially convert them into your loyal audience base. 

With social media and website integrations, promote your event to your target audience, get access to real-time data and be in touch with attendees through email. Most importantly, offer your potential fundraiser guests a seamless registration and ticketing process.

What are the greatest event planning tools, and why? See for yourself why Eventurbo is the best event management software in India you can trust to host a successful fundraising event. Read our blog series:

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Ending Notes

When the event is done and dusted, make sure to drop a ‘Thank You’ note to your attendees. One of the most common complaints about fundraising events is that event planners do not take this extra step to acknowledge the contributions personally, one donor at a time. Once you make this a priority among your other event management tasks, you will develop a loyal base of attendees for your future fundraising events.

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