Why PR Event to Promote Your Brand or Product?

In an era of high decibel advertising campaigns, it’s impossible to imagine event promotions without good PR. Local publications can be a great way to target event-goers in a particular city. 

However, it is crucial that you plan your PR the right way to avoid your plans from going kaput. You need to cut the clutter and rise above the noise to ensure that your PR event efforts garner the right attention and attendance. 

Take a dekko at some really simple steps to ensure a rocking PR event.

Have a good narrative – Event PR is all about generating registrations, recognition and revenue (if t’s a paid event). By furnishing all the necessary details such as name of the event, date, time, location, price and major highlights, you can create a buzz around it. 

In tandem, you should also sign up for services of online event management platform such as Eventurbo to get things moving quickly and efficiently. 

So while the press covers your event, the platform will help you design your event page, allow bulk registrations and provide attendees with the necessary payment assistance through appropriate and convenient payment gateways. 

There will be multilingual support too so that you can connect with attendees in a language most comfortable to them and most appropriate for your event. 

Have a strong press pitch 

Look for PR event examples if you are not sure of the kind of pitch you need to build. This will help you get sponsors for the PR event. 

If PR event examples don’t give you clarity, you can start by asking yourself simple questions such as – Why would the readers be interested in this event, is the event in line with the sensibilities of the readers of that particular publication, are you approaching the right publication, what kind of leadership do they have etc. 

Once you get this right, you can always augment it further on social media and other avenues. Luckily, event management platforms like Eventurbo facilitate social media integrations so that you can tell the whole world what you are planning through this event. 

You can hashtag your event and create a dedicated following for the same through repetitive posts. 

Keep a tab on your PR event efforts

Just doing a media release is not enough. You need to keep a track of your outreach. As such, you need to keep a ready reckoner stating outreach date, response, follow-up date and subsequent response etc. 

As news of the event spreads, you will get more registrations. With Eventurbo, you can handle custom forms, do offline registrations, generate leads, register walk-ins and waitlist enquiries so that your event is successful in every way. Besides, having an event management platform also helps execute your PR event ideas in a more effective manner. 

Invite press people

While creating a buzz is important, that’s not where you should stop when it comes to PR events. Your PR event ideas may be good, but you must have a long and fruitful association with the press as you need to publish more events in the future. 

Plus, if it’s a great event, the press would be happy to cover it too. Eventurbo can help you manage your events efficiently by taking care of everything from registrations to invitations. 

It will send out invitations, reminders and all the dope on the after-event fun to keep your audience entertained and engaged. 

In closing

No matter how good your PR event ideas are, you will need dedicated efforts and great support from a solid event management platform such as Eventurbo. 

So the next time you are planning a PR event, do consider Eventurbo for a hassle-free event experience. 

Host it on Eventurbo!

Host it on Eventurbo!