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Irrespective of individual growth drivers, every company now needs a solid event registration website to channel its campaigns and roll outs.

As internet usage continues to grow globally, the number of websites has increased too. The same holds true for the events and activation industry, which is expected to cross Rs. 10000 crore mark by 2020-21 as per a report.

Curated by EY-EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association), the industry has been growing at a 16% CAGR leaving behind the rapidly growing media and entertainment sector. These numbers are enough to throw light on an important fact.

The takeaway is that your event website be such that it converts casual visitors into members and participants well before you plan an actual event. We’ve put together a few pointers that should help you in this regard. Take a look at these 5 points to be considered:

Enticing imagery

Information gets diluted in the absence of compelling imagery. If you are able to club information with relevant imagery, you are bound to hold people’s attention for a longer time. Luckily, online registration software such as ours allows you to design your event pages like a pro. It offers several customization tools to help you not only design its look and feel but also add your own logo.

Complete clarity

The online event registration website means nothing if it’s not stating clearly what it offers. Be it information about event, pricing or registration; make sure it’s mentioned in easy-to-understand language. Eventurbo provides multilingual support too so as to ensure that language does not stand in the way of clear communication.

Mobile-friendly design

In a world of apps, make sure that your design follows a mobile-first approach. Mobile experiences are driving the future. Eventurbo is known for its customization and functionality. Apart from creating mobile-friendly design, it also helps you add colourful banners along with rich multimedia content to your registration landing pages. The best part is that the events can be previewed even while you create the landing and registration pages.

Create FOMO

The fear of missing out is perhaps the biggest fear ever for a generation that thrives on social media. So get testimonials from old attendees, create a buzz on social media and give a shout-out on all popular platforms. Reach out to prospective customers and attendees as popular online event registration platforms such as Eventurbo help you create posts that are social media shareable. What you get is an increase in inquiries and a greater number of footfalls.

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Call to Action

No matter what audience engagement strategies you indulge in, the only thing you should aim for is registration. No point having someone browse your event page, and leaving registrations halfway. From offline registrations to waitlisting attendees to allowing walk-in registrations, online registration software like Eventurbo offers you a world of conveniences and privileges to help you through this most critical phase.

The key is to make the entire process simple for your members and online visitors. Several event registration websites allow you to incorporate ticket-purchasing details on every page so that they don’t have to go looking for one. Before they change their mind and before something else catches their fancy, they end up buying tickets right there.


A good event registration website should be able to have all of the above. However this is just the beginning. There’s a lot that can be done to make the online event registration process smooth and simple.

Call up the Event Experts at Eventurbo to know what event registration websites can do for you. From easy payment gateways to real time event analytics, there a number of things we can do to add life to your events. Remember, we are just a click away!

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