New Year’s Resolutions for Event Planners

The holiday season can be rough for event planners. Its that time of the year again when festivities are lined up in every corner leaving the organizers piled up with work and responsibilities, sparing no time to rest! The new year brings a welcome respite from the hustle with the opportunity to plan better and smarter for the fresh year ahead.  With everybody around the world making hopeful resolutions, event organizers should also grasp this chance to set sensible goals for a brand new year of rewarding opportunities.

According to a survey quoted by Vox, only 40% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions are found to be sticking to their goals after 6 months! This means, your resolutions should be properly defined, attainable and realistic.

As you near the end of the decade, only to step into another, a list of practical event planning resolutions can act as a powerful motivator all along. Don’t know where to start? We, at Eventurbo, have curated a checklist of 8 promising New Year’s Resolutions to help you reinvent your approach to event planning!

1. Read More about the Event Planning Industry

Detailed knowledge about the latest event industry trends can keep you on top of relevant information and data that has been doing the rounds among event planners. You never know if there have been recent changes or updates to the event management website you use that could help you gain more traffic. 

Add blogs to your bookmarks’ list, subscribe to newsletters and publications to stay in constant touch with event-related news. This will help you understand the specific industry needs and thus help you strategically plan your next event better.

2. Design a Strategic Event Budget Template

 Most event organizers face the challenge of correctly following their event budget. In most cases, the lack of an initial budget plan often leads to financial chaos during the event, hence disrupting the entire event management system. The best way out? Creating a standard budget plan for the year ahead and customizing it as you go!

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3. Spend Time Analyzing your Event Data

The best event management websites are the ones that provide event organizers with actionable data post-event. These event organizer websites allow users to send feedback forms to their attendees to understand which aspects are working for your event and which are not! A good analysis can help you plan your event better in the future. 

This new year, make it a point to analyze these responses in the following ways:

  • Sale Channels: Study the channels through which you are selling more tickets. Is it through social media or the event management website? What can you do to leverage the other channels better?
  • Know your Attendees: Understand who your attendees are. Know their gender, age, job and interests in order to fine-tune your marketing approach to sell more tickets in the coming year.
  • Date and Time: Examine the best month and time during which your ticket sales were at the highest. Are hosting events during the holiday season a good idea or should you stick to only a particular genre of events?

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With the help of the unique Dashboard feature of Eventurbo, you can get comprehensive visibility into event information, attendee data and related metrics. Using this data, you can easily analyze your performance and plan better for future events.

4. Attend Events Yourself 

The entire event management system is based on the experience that you create for your attendees. You may be giving your best but somehow failing to please the people on the other end of the system! Attending events personally makes you understand which aspects of the event are more popular among the attendees. You can also discover the latest event trends and hence, gather both inspiration and information for your next event. 

5. Learn to Leverage Social Media Better

Social media is a fairly new tool that has entered the event management industry. The best event management websites allow users to share their event pages on social media to attract more attendees. But in most situations, event planners have not been able to leverage the full potential of this dynamic tool. 

Take your time this new year to study and understand the best practices for marketing your event on several social media platforms. Dive deep into the kind of tone, content, and hashtags that attract more people on different channels. With the correct strategy, you might be able to make more like-minded people interested in your event.

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6. Improve your Networking

Networking practices should be treated as gospel by event planners. Good networking can get you better clients to work with, who can put you in touch with vendors and suppliers who are the best in the business! Staying in touch with past clients can help you secure repeat business and notable recommendations for future events. 

7. Make the Best Use of an Event Management Website

Event management websites are a boon to event professionals. Loaded with the latest features and integrations, the best event planner websites not only make the event experience better for you but it also keeps the interest of your attendees in mind. 

The event management system is evolving and with it, the websites are also adding new features on the go! Take time out this new year and explore the best event management websites, learn how to make the best use of its features and hence, plan a better event planning journey for the year ahead.

Wrapping Up

Mastering the art of planning a perfect event takes time and years of experience. As we approach the end of another year, it is time to look back at the event planning mistakes we might have made and make resolutions to do better! With Eventurbo, make all your resolutions as an event management professional come true and embark on the path of creating an improved, more developed roadmap to event planning.