Features of event management software

Sophisticated event management technologies have made the lives of event planners simpler. But as discussed before, only the most up-to-date online event management system is equipped with the essential features that can help organizers create a great event experience for their attendees.

What are some of the best event planning software? 

In the previous article of this series, we mentioned the 4 main features of event management software that can help you dramatically transform your event planning journey. On Must-Have Features of Modern Event Management Software, Part I – Event Technology and Registration, we talked about the first most important aspect of event management – Attendee Registration. 

Picking up from where we left off, let us talk about the next crucial variables you need in an event management system – Event Promotion, Attendee Engagement, and Event Operations. 

Event Management System Promotion and Marketing

The right marketing strategy can help you drive major attendance to your event. But before that, you need to ensure that the word of your event actually reaches the potential candidates. The best event management system comes loaded with features that can help you reach your audience and build an attendee base.

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Social Media Integrations

Social media is a new and powerful tool that can help you drive sales and reach a large pool of prospective customers for your event. Modern event management software comes with social media integrations that help event planners by making their event social media shareable.

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Emails and SMS

40% of marketers believe that email is the best channel to promote your event. But standard email can be quite boring and may fail in engaging your prospective attendees. Choose an online event management system that provides customization options while you send out SMS and emails to your attendees. Post-registration, event updates, walk-in registration promotions, you can customize any email you send with the best online event management platforms

Attendee Experience and Engagement 

What is the best event management tool? The one that not only takes care of the operational issues but also assists the organizers in creating a smooth experience for the attendees. 

Mobile Attendee Check-in Facility

Do not keep your event guests waiting in queues. Modern online event management software can be used as mobile applications that can easily register (in case of walk-in registrations) or check-in attendees to the event in seconds with zero-hassle. The simplest apps provide a list of attendees who checked in to the event planners, hence helping in assessing engagement.

Multi-currency Payment Support

If your event attendees are from all over the world, then the event management software should also have features that make the registration and payment process easier for them. The most powerful and seamless online event management system that takes attendee experience seriously supports multi-currency payment options so that your international participants can make the payments in their local currency without worrying about any rates/conversions. 

Multi-lingual Engagement Support

The experience of your international audience can be made even more seamless if the online event management solution you use can support different languages. What is the best platform to organize events? The best platforms are the ones that have features to make the event journey of every registrant simple and equal. By creating website content in local languages and engaging with the attendees in their mother tongue, you can build a strong foundation with your customers and hence improve their overall experience.

Website Interface

Your event website is the closest experience of your event that you can create for your audience online. It should speak of the event personality and provide all the information to your visitors with the right amount of aesthetics and appeal, too. Powerful event management software is the ones that help to bring the registration and landing pages to life with options to create colorful and rich designs with all the necessary information.

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Event Management Software – Analytics, Operations, and Systems

Lastly, the main job of an event software is to make the daily operations of an event planner easy. What are the features of an online event management platform that ensures a seamless event planning experience for organizers?

Real-time Event Analytics

Does your event management software play a role when the event is ongoing? Ideally, the best event management platforms should! Real-time analytics and data synchronization help organizers measure operations, enhance competitiveness, reduce costs and understand attendee dynamics.

Multi-tenant Cloud Deployment

Look for event management software that provides options to event organizers to understand and measure accountability. A tenant system that supports multiple users and roles with a host of customizations can build control and maintain security.

Management of Orders

The best online event management system makes the job easy for organizers by presenting an all-in-one order management tool with multiple functionalities integrated into a single platform. From cancellations to schedule changes to refunds, the software simplifies the entire administrative process, hence, providing more time to the event planners to focus on other tasks.

Post-Event Tasks

The work of event management software does not end with the event. Choose platforms that can help you send feedback emails to attendees, reach them for future events and provide specialized takeaways. This helps foster a relationship with your audience and gain insights into your event’s performance as a whole. 

The Bottomline

Event management is a tough job. But if you can leverage the most modern technologies in event management, the process can be made simple and manageable. Eventurbo, a best-in-class event management software provides all the features mentioned in this two-part article series and more to guide you through the hefty task of event planning and management. 

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