Event Management Software

There are a million different aspects an event planner has to pay attention to before the event date approaches – venue booking, attendee ticketing, vendor arrangement, the list goes on. Organizers need to ace every detail to ensure success. Most event planners are wary of falling short in one perspective of event planning as it can lead to a drastic domino effect. Fortunately, modern event management software is here to save the day for event planners.

Event Management Technology – How does an online event management system work?

What does an event management software do?

Online event management platforms are designed in the interest of event planners to help them drive success to their events across all sectors and verticals. From event registration to post-event attendee feedback, the best event management system shares the load of the hectic process of event planning with the organizers.

The Features to look out for in Web-Based Event Management 

The features of an online event management platform that you should look out for falls under these categories:

  1. Event Registration
  2. Event Promotion
  3. Attendee Engagement
  4. Analytics and Event Operations

How to choose an Event Management Software?

Once you are ready to use an online event management website, you need to be sure you choose the right solution that is tailored to your needs. The process can feel overwhelming but it does not need to be! 

Over the next few weeks, we are going to discuss in detail about the latest features and solutions that modern event management system provides to make the event planners’ world a better place.

As the first article of the series, today let us talk about Event Registration – the first process that attendees have to go through while registering for your event.

Let’s begin!

Event Registration Via Event Management Software

Visitors who are interested in attending your event need to have a seamless registration experience. The most crucial features of the best online event management website in this aspect are:

Availability of Custom Forms

Customized registration forms help to personalize the event registration experience for the attendees. Any event management system should offer custom forms that help you gather information about the participants and also ask for their suggestions and recommendations before the event. 

The best event management software enables this function at every event level so that you, as an event planner can create and modify any number and type of questionnaires for their visitors. 

Lead Conversion

What is the best online platform for event planning? The one that can help you convert hot leads – potential event attendees who started filling up the event registration form but for some reason did not proceed with the full registration. 

Top online event management platforms help event planners with the list of people who fall under this category. With this information, you can launch re-targeting campaigns and convince them to complete the event registration process. Such campaigns often show a higher conversion rate than targeting cold leads.

Waitlist Management

Managing wait lists is an important function of event management software. This feature ensures that no seat remains vacant at your event. Top event software solutions provide you with the list of people who were looking to register for your event but failed to do so because the tickets are sold out. 

In the event of any ticket cancellation, such people are informed of vacancy and they can choose to go forward with the registration. Additionally, the best online event management makes sure that the potential attendees pay for the tickets only when cancellations crop up and they choose to register for the event.

Walk-in Registrations

Look for an online event management website that allows event planners to seamlessly register attendees to the event directly at the venue. The best software allows event staff at the venue to easily check-in attendees from any system with internet access within a matter of seconds. 

Once done, an automated email with a questionnaire to fill can be sent to the participant even later. This feature of an event management system makes it unique to the others and saves time by eliminating the need for manual registrations at the venue. 

Hassle-free Payment Gateway

Seamless and easy payment is a must-have feature to support the event ticketing process. Successful payments help increase trust among the attendees, hence leading to the creation of a loyal base of participants. 

The event management system provided by the top vendors offers a secure payment channel that has multiple payment processors integrated within the system. Look for an online event management website that processes payments directly into the bank or merchant account, thus making the system smooth, secure and reliable.

Offline Registration and Payment Options

Not every attendee may prefer to register or pay for tickets online. Event management software that is the best in the business provides features and solutions to event planners to cater to attendees who would rather continue to registration process offline.

For such cases, an online event management website can provide a bulk upload solution for organizers to upload all the data of registrants that we obtained offline. Such an event management system also allows you to add, save and track payments that were made offline. Payments received via cheques, wire transfers or other offline methods can be added and automated emails can be sent to confirm the registration and payment.

The event registration process is the first service you provide to your attendees and hence, it needs to be flawless in order to make the best impression. This will generate positive feedback about your event, driving more traffic to your event page. 

Summing Up

When choosing an event management software, make sure to check for these features of event registration. In our next blog post – Must-Have Features of Modern Event Management Software, Part II, we are going to discuss the characteristics of the best event management system in terms of event promotion and other crucial aspects that you need to look out for. Stay tuned with Eventurbo for more.