Eventurbo’s Exciting features

Eventurbo is all about helping you host the best events in town. We help you plan and broadcast your events in the most exciting ways to ensure that your audience is super happy to hear from you every time.

So why should our own platform be any different?

We have spruced up our website to give you a host of added functionalities to up your event game and yet retain the same old user-friendliness that you have so gotten used to. What you get is a fresh look, added features and the same versatility to perform all your event related tasks effectively and effortlessly.

Take a look at what’s new.

The home page – Yes, first things first. So we have a brand new home page.One look at the events landing page and you will see all the events lined up, each one getting equal attention and emphasis it rightfully deserves. This is where all the Eventurbo events are listed and we thought you would wanna have a dekko

Event Organizer/ Company Page –Those accustomed to using Eventurbo would know the importance of having this new page. It’s where all the events by the organizer are captured on a single page. It’s also the page that allows organizers to create their profile and encapsulate all their business related information. Not surprising then, this is one page we have put a lot of attention into. Check it now.

Self sign-up – If you are someone who likes to do things quickly without relying much on others and post events on the go without much ado, you may want to consider the self sign-up option. With this new feature, just about anyone can sign up and create and/or publish events without having to call anyone or request for a trial.This is how you can do it.

Event Dashboard – A cool new dashboard is also what you may want to check out. It’s where you post live updates pertaining to your event and would be perhaps the most visited page by viewers. It will give you an idea about how many people signed up, and more details or specifics pertaining to the demographics. Who they are and where they are from are some of the many things you can find out.

To Conclude

Eventurbo is one of those few platforms that put you and your event first, before everything else. The effort that goes into fine-tuning your experience stands testimony to this commitment. Needless to say, we have maintained the same capabilities with respect to other things while adding this bunch of features. In other words, your experience with Eventurbo is about to get way more exciting and engaging.

As always, we are happy to give you these extra capabilities to help you up your event management game.

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