competitors to Eventbrite.

The emergence of online event management software on the internet has revolutionized the way organizers host their events. The success of any event depends on the attendee turnout count and their overall satisfaction, which can be best accomplished through online platforms that provide a multitude of customizations for the benefit of the event planner. 

With everything happening online, the demand is rising for a sustainable online event planning platform. This makes choosing the right event registration software as a crucial first step towards hosting a thriving and successful event. To ensure smooth management of attendee data and keep track of participant engagement both during and post-event pursuits, event planners are looking for smart, cost-effective competitors to Eventbrite.

Here is why Eventurbo is the best choice for online event management.

Features Comparison: 

As competitors of Eventbrite, Eventurbo provides end-to-end attendee management features before, during and post-event to help event planners keep the participants engaged while also allowing them to send feedback emails and invite attendees for future events. 

Eventbrite is essentially a marketplace that works to attract audiences and participants for several other similar events. This, in turn, takes away viewer engagement from your event page. On the other hand, Eventurbo provides users with greater control and options of customizations to ensure that the audience completes the online registration process through a seamless ticketing process.

Payment Process Comparison:

When it comes to processing payments, Eventurbo is one of the best competitors to Eventbrite. This is because Eventbrite and certain other similar online event registration platforms take 4-5 days after the event is completed to process payouts through Eventbrite payment processing or other payment gateways. Eventbrite also charges a processing fee for these payouts. Hence, if you are planning events through Eventbrite, you cannot choose the payment gateway that you are comfortable with, all the while paying a fee for the transaction.

As a competitor of Eventbrite on the rise, Eventurbo ensures that the entire online event registration and management mechanism is user-friendly and in line with the aspirations and comfort of event organizers. Eventurbo also provides an unmatched payment processing experience by allowing you to route your payouts through a payment provider you are comfortable with so that you can receive your money directly without any delays or hidden costs.

Pricing Comparison:

With Eventurbo’s excellent customizable and adaptable features, you can successfully organize and host your event without breaking a sweat. Eventurbo allows you to create, publish and host unlimited free events, without requiring any fee. When it comes to paid events, Eventurbo only charges a nominal 5% commission per event, while providing you with plenitude of premium features. Moreover, there is also a sustainable basic monthly pricing plan, against which you can organize unlimited events and sell as many tickets as you want. With so many options to choose from, all designed in the interest of the event organizers, Eventurbo emerges to be one of the leading competitors to Eventbrite.

Eventbrite, on the other hand, charges users with commission rates, along with other additional amounts even if you choose their most basic, Essentials Plan. Contrary to the competitors of Eventbrite, it provides only a few features against the fee they charge. You need to select their premium plan to avail features that Eventurbo will let you access against a very nominal fee.

To sum up, competitors to Eventbrite, like Eventurbo is on the rise because organizers need to be provided with a service that is designed in their interest, rather than charging an unreasonable commission rate. Eventurbo is not just a platform, it serves as a partner to the event planner, all the while supporting and allowing him to access the best features at an affordable cost, to host an event to remember!

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