The tech-savvy generation is increasingly opting for online event planning platforms because of its many advantages. An essential factor in the success of any event is the event registration software chosen by the organizer. has been a popular preference among many
online event planners for a while, but netizens worldwide have now started looking for alternatives after they announced a shocking change in their business model regarding pricing policies.

The right online event planning system should not only be cost-effective for the organizer but it should also help in attracting a bigger crowd of attendees. Here is why you should consider Eventurbo as a smart and useful alternative to Meetup.

Meetup’s Recent Pricing Changes

Earlier this month, online event organizing app, Meetup announced that it will start imposing $2 per RSVP at each event. Previously, the attendees were not charged for expressing their interest in attending an event.

Event organizers are now concerned that people will not pay to attend events that used to be free before. Additionally, the admission fee paid by the attendees will not help the organizers improve the quality of the event as they will not make a penny out of it.

Update: This recent pricing change triggered a huge backlash by users who took to social media to vent their frustration and disappointment. Following this, Meetup announced that these charges only apply to a few hundred groups in two U.S. states for now.

Choose Eventurbo – a practical and rewarding alternative to Meetup

Eventurbo provides adaptable features that not only serves the organizer well, but it also does not charge the attendees any entry-fee at the event. This will help in drawing more like-minded people who are interested in the event you are organizing, without having to worry about any payments from their side.

At Eventurbo, you can choose from a wide range of customizations and pricing options. You have the option to create and publish unlimited free events. All you have to do is sign up at our website and enjoy several benefits of Eventurbo’s online event management system, everything free of cost.

For paid events, we charge a nominal 5% commission per event, while providing you with an online event planning service that boasts a multitude of exciting highlights. A short research on the trending market rates will let you know that this is almost negligible when compared to commission rates charged by other online event management systems.

Eventurbo also has a reasonable monthly pricing plan specifically designed in the interest event organizers. You can host unlimited events and sell as many tickets as you want against a moderate fee.
These plans let you access a huge range of premium event management services, hence helping you target and reach more attendees.

Advantages of Choosing Eventurbo

With our comfortable and user-friendly interface, you can plan an event efficiently through fast registrations and cost-effective ticket sales. Moreover, we have a host of features designed to keep your attendees engaged right from registration until after the event is over. We do not charge your attendees for admission, thus ensuring a huge crowd of like-minded people turning up at your event. People are more likely to visit free events, instead of paying an entry-free that Meetup is imposing.

In conclusion, the next time you are struggling to decide on an online event management platform, look no further than Eventurbo. It is smooth, reliable and the most cost-effective alternative to several other event planning systems you will come across.

Choose Eventurbo and let us help you achieve your event management goals.

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