Whether you are an event manager or a company that requires hosting events on a regular basis, you would know how difficult it is to plan an event when you have to juggle multiple tasks on a daily basis.

Events management software can come in handy in such situations. In fact, the popularity of events management software has grown tremendously over the years. Be it for corporate events or for academic conferences, you need to pay attention to certain parameters such as event’s ROI, number of attendees and of course attendee satisfaction.

Events management software such as Eventurbo would be the perfect choice for planning and managing an event perfectly. What’s good about such software is that it ensures complete comfort before and after the event as well. At no point does an attendee or the planner feel hassled due to the upcoming event.

Take a look at how easy it is to plan an event with Eventurbo in 4 easy steps. Anybody can use it and plan an event like a Pro. Don’t believe us? Read further. The software helps you plan free as well as paid events. All you need to do is fill out a few fields and you are good to go.

1.Create Event

The first step is to create an event. The fact that you can edit your event any given time makes it even better. So much so that you can edit even after it is published. There are provisions to enter the exact details pertaining to the event which include event title, event banner, event description, name and logo of the organization, and date & time along with relevant time zones.

Other details pertaining to the venue, organizer and registration should also be provided. You need to add proper event tags that don’t just help you group events together but also make it easier for people to find your events.

2.Decide price points (applicable in case of paid events only)

Here, you get to add pricing options along with offers on bulk orders. You can divide the price inventory at different price points as long as care is taken that the total price point inventory does not exceed event inventory.

In case of donations, there is the option of allowing the user to enter the desired payment amount as well. You also have the option of adding surcharge as required. Be it late fee, processing fee, shipping & handling charges or tax & Vat, the software offers the necessary flexibility to make the process of payments easy for you as well as users.

3.Add participant details

This is where you will enter participant details. There are specific fields for inventory details such as number of tickets/participants, and participant information.

Apart from basic information such as name, email address, and contact number, you can choose questions from a predefined list or add new ones. What’s interesting is the participant questionnaire that gives you useful insights that can help you plan future events in a better manner. Also, every event can have a different questionnaire.

Since the success of the event depends on how you engage your attendees both in the pre and post stage, you must create your own email content as well for things like confirmations, reminders etc. Auto-scheduled mails are a good way of building rapport with attendees before and after the event.

You can also create promo codes to add in your mail campaigns to be sent out to your patrons as well as prospective attendees.

4.Publish Event

Once you have filled in all the details, you can now make the event open for registrations by clicking the ‘publish’ button. You can now share the public url of the event with your customers, partners and attendees.

The software has multiple functionalities and is a boon for beginners as well as professional event planners. After all, it’s all about taking the stress and hard work out of event planning and management.

To Conclude

Eventurbo is easy to use and offers the right balance between conveniences and features. Take a virtual tour today or call one of our event planners for a free demo. A few minutes into the demo and you will know we were right all along when we said it’s as easy as pie.


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