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In the past, the greatest stress pertaining to event planning came in the form of registrations, status updates, and a long list of queries that needed to be personally addressed. These chores took so much time that the planners could barely concentrate on the actual nitty-gritties of the event. Not surprising then, companies are now embracing the services of online event registration software.

The benefits so to speak, are countless.
We’ve put together some of the top benefits of having online event registration software.

Fast and Simple Registration Process

Be it for you or the participant, you can be rest assured that the process is fast and hassle-free. While paper registrations require you to print and fill out forms, online registration software makes the experience seamless and effortless. What’s more, the form can be customized just like the event page so that it looks and feels just like your website. In other words, you never really move away from the brand experience you have always offered with all your services.

You can have bulk uploads too for new as well as existing members. So any information that needs to be added or edited can be done quickly without much ado. You can create custom forms to get information about participants and even obtain their opinions by way of questionnaires. The best part is that questionnaires can be specific to the type of event you are hosting.

Greater Power for Multi-Day Events

Be it logistics or planning highlights of the events, multi-day events come with a whole new level of challenges. There could be variations in ticket prices or participants may choose to attend a single session or be interested in attending on one particular day only. But with event management software, you can make it incredibly simple.

No matter if the event is free or paid, interactive or educational, its size or nature should not bog you down. Online event management software like Eventurbo has a solution for all your event planning challenges.

Multilingual Support

Now this is one thing you would want your software to offer since it’s always easier to strike a chord with your audience if you speak their language. So while hosting country-specific events, you can go that extra mile by communicating in their language.

This will not only give you an international appeal but also help you reach out to a bigger audience. Eventurbo is a multilingual event management platform that can give you the necessary support irrespective of the language you choose.

Attendee Engagement

Modern event registration software comes with a feature that allows you to send customized post registration and post event mails and SMSs. Reminder mails are also created and sent in a similar manner. From thanking them for attending the event to asking them for suggestions and feedback, it helps you engage with attendees like no other.

There are a multitude of online event registration solutions out there. The best however are the ones that understand you and your niche requirements well. Speak with one of our event experts at Eventurbo and we will help you with the right tools that can turn things around for you quickly and effectively.

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