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Event Management can be stressful. According to a report by CNBC, being an event planner is considered to be the 6th most stressful job in many countries. If you have been a part of event management before, you would know that juggling with tons of factors like payments, audience demands, decorations, and several other smaller details can be challenging. To put an end to all this stress, people are adopting event management solutions that help them organize their events online.

In our previous post, we talked in detail about how event management software like Eventurbo can revolutionize the way events are created and managed through intelligent platforms online. But today, let us dive into one of the basics of event planning that every organizer should know how to ace – Marketing!

Online event software comes with advanced tools and integrated solutions that have dramatically increased the marketing potential, helping planners to reach more audience base and hence, ensure a greater number of participants. 

Without an excellent event marketing road plan, it is only normal that you will face bottlenecks and make the common mistakes that can deter your event’s success. Here are 7 foolproof ways in which you can avoid such mistakes and achieve your event management goals.

Avoid Promoting your Event Incessantly

Event management software provides you with information about your attendees and the potential audience who could be interested in your event. But, the information is not for you to exploit without thinking through with it. It is always wise not to send more than two event-related emails every day or post on social media all week. The more you try to convince people, the more you annoy them. 

The best practice is to use event software marketing features to personalize your emails and customize them aesthetically so that even two posts a week can catch the attention of your audience.

Integrate Multiple Marketing Strategies 

The best event management software like Eventurbo is equipped with features that allow you to promote your event on all the diverse social media channels. It also helps in seamless website integrations so that you can manage multiple events at one go. But in spite of this, many event planners restrict their event marketing strategies to only a single approach.

You need to create a multi-layered marketing plan. Use your creativity and experience to integrate diverse skills and market them through all channels through a carefully planned strategy. Create an attractive event page through an event management platform and share its links on social media. Additionally, share your social links through email marketing campaigns to ensure you reach audiences from all channels.

Do Not Send Confusing Messages

When you use an event management system for making event-related announcements, ensure that you do not confuse your audience further. In most cases, event planners tend to stuff an announcement mail with excessive information. With reducing attention span among people, your audience may skip over certain important information, hence leaving them confused and misinformed.

To handle this, send one announcement at a time. Leverage the unlimited correspondence features of event management software to carefully break up your messages in structural parts and send them through separate emails. 

Customer Engagement is Important

Your event’s success is measured by the number of attendees in most cases. If you email the owner of a website or comment on a post and do not get a reply back, you are instantly demotivated to engage with them again. You cannot let this happen to you.

Enhancing customer engagement means constantly following up with them, responding to their every query promptly and maintaining a healthy conversational approach. This significantly increases your attendee count and improves your reputation which translates to better feedback and more participants for future events.

Avoid Overpromising

Event planners often tend to promise more than they can offer to level up their marketing and attract more audiences. Later, when you fail to achieve the hype you created, it becomes a classic PR nightmare. While the best event management software is carefully designed to give you information about the attendee count before the event, you never know the exact number of people who are going to turn up at the event venue.

To avoid situations when you cannot live up to the promises made, make sure to let your audience know beforehand that your event offerings may alter with respect to last-minute changes and technical mishaps.

Do Not Ignore Post-Event Marketing

Without the right post-event marketing plan, your audience can quickly forget the perks offered by you and steer away towards competitors. 

Luckily, Eventurbo’s event management software helps you through the entire process of conducting surveys, sending out promotional offers, feedback forms, and posting highlight content through social media. Use event management platforms to continuously stay connected with your audience to better handle future events.

Pinpoint your Audience 

Blindly marketing your event is not going to ensure your event’s success. You should have a clear idea about your target audiences, like the average age range, gender, and other aspects. 61% of Instagram users are millennials and the younger generation. So, if your event relates to them, then marketing them on LinkedIn might be a severe waste of time and effort.

With Eventurbo, know your audience better, leverage social channels and reach more like-minded people to make your event a success. Our blog explores in detail, the reasons why it is the best event management software as compared to other platforms: Bizzabo vs Eventurbo: Why Event Planners are Looking for Bizzabo Alternatives

To sum up, the right event marketing strategy can go through layers of trials and errors. It is important to keep a plan B handy, just in case! This again, won’t be necessary if you carefully follow these 7 rules and avoid the common marketing mistakes that every event planner makes at least once! Also, with Eventurbo’s excellent features, you can seamlessly market your event through the right channels.

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