Event management


The event scene is thriving than ever before. Yet, it’s not devoid of challenges. Especially since budgets continue to shrink despite the growing importance and appeal of events.

Let us look at the some of the top techno trends in the events space that you need to watch out for in 2019.

Facial recognition

Unless you are a fan of the queues, it’s time we cut down on the lines. People travel long distances to be somewhere they think is going to add value.

Why make them wait? Look at Orlando Airport. It’s 15 percent faster, all thanks to facial recognition. The good thing is it works for both large and small shows.

When we talk about giving them an experience, standing in long lines should not be one of them. Think about it.

Cashless payments

The easiest way to increase revenue is to go cashless. Event management software platforms can take away this pain by providing easy payment gateways to help people make payments online.

Take care of the FOMO and JOMO

While people always have the Fear of Missing Out, you can leverage it well and introduce different levels of experience to tease them a bit more.

Remember how Taylor Swift offered priority tickets to her concert if you bought her album? So you too can offer the option of priority seating on early bookings and so on.

While doing so, we need to give them an occasional break too, typically what we call as the Joy of Missing Out or JOMO.

The key is to give them the breather from information overload at events. Lounges could be a good option since they need to stay tuned to their job as well when they attend an event that stretches over 2 to 3 days. You may also work around building innovative sponsorships and collaborations to keep them engaged.

Smart exclusive badges

It’s unfair to ask attendees to pull out their phones for every small thing. Instead, use badges that can provide feedback, and even keep track of the number of people attending, etc.

Safety matters

Cyber security is a must and you must collaborate with only those partners who take it seriously. One unhappy attendee is all it takes to jeopardize your event management efforts.

Also, steer clear from people who attend conferences and harass people. Databases are now being created of people who drink, abuse and harass others.

Live responses

Why wait for attendees to give their feedback long after the event is over, memories have faded and emotions have mellowed down?

The best event management software platforms are implementing real-time response technology to blend entertainment with education. Live polling is becoming popular now and attendees are more than eager to share their inputs while they are still in that mood.

Audience polling and live responses are a great way to get accurate and timely data.

Likewise, Q&A can also be incorporated in live events. Attendees can send questions regards to the ‘Talk’ to the ‘Speakers’ via an App or SMS. In a niche industry, it’s important for attendees as well as guests and speakers to know what others are saying.

 Many are taking this experience to a whole new level by gamifying the whole scene. So along with live polls, Q&A and real-time updates, speakers and attendees get a chance to earn points and badges while engaging in discussions and interactions.

AI and Chatbots 

Artificial intelligence has surely upped the game for everyone. With AI and Chatbots, it’s like having hundreds of assistants to do things for you in a jiffy.

Chatbots can answer questions, schedule meetings, send event reminders, provide info about location and weather, personalize messages, update changes, and provide push notifications for an intimate and exclusive attendee experience.

Data Dashboards

The right event management software platform goes a long way in optimizing dashboards.

Precisely the reason why most companies are now considering using it to manage their email campaigns, registrations, surveys and track attendees.

After all, having data is not enough. An optimized data dashboard is the only way to have a 360 degree view of attendee experience, keep pace with trends and leverage algorithms perfectly.


Event technology has come a long way and is only growing bigger and better. For the best event management software platform, look no further than EvenTurbo.

It’s just what you need to boost your event success. Talk to our experts today to know more.