Event Management System And Types

Event management seems easy at the outset but a lot goes into planning a good event. There are things to be taken care of, chores to be managed, attendees to be invited… the list goes on.

Yet, there are companies that shy away from leveraging the benefits of a robust event management system. Those like Eventurbo can be increasingly helpful in the many stages of event planning. Even in the pre and post event stage, the right platform can give you phenomenal amount of functionality and freedom.

Here are the different types of events every event management system should help organize.

On Ground Events

Whether you are a start-up or a flourishing event management company, the event management system should offer solutions that can help you wow your audience. You don’t have to stress about events irrespective of its size or magnitude and should be able to promote them in a jiffy.

A lot will depend on your attendees too. While some may want to register in advance, others may make up their mind at the last minute and just walk in. Also, some would want to pay up-front while others may decide to do so on a later date.

Whatever the situation, make sure you choose an event management system that’s got you covered on ground or otherwise. Features to watch out for include wait-list management, walk-in management and attendee check-in.

Fundraising Events

While raising funds for a non-profit organization is a good cause, it can bring along a host of niche requirements too. Date or venue doesn’t matter but collection of funds in a manner that’s most comfortable to you and the donor is paramount.

You can rely on platforms like Eventurbo that create events exclusively conceptualized to collect funds. A convenient payment processor integrated within the system ensures fast and safe donations while keeping the process extremely user-friendly.

Workshop or Training Events

If you are planning a workshop, you would want to ensure maximum attendance. A cloud-based registration platform is just what you need to cater to your unique requirements. You may want to educate your customers or train your staff and the platform will definitely come in handy to meet your business objectives.

A single but highly functional platform that helps you manage registrations for workshops, training programs and certifications is necessary.

The right platform should automate the entire process including scheduling trainings, custom reporting, recording attendance in real time etc.

Bonus Tips

Attendee Engagement – This one is a must if you want to have happy attendees. Even the slightest mistake can dilute the experience and lead to a significant drop in the number of attendees.

Make sure that the event management system you choose allows you to customize post registration emails, messages, follow up emails and post-event thank you mails. The bulk upload email feature is extremely useful too. 

Easy Registration Process – The registration process should be simple and scalable to any event size.

You should be able to manage registrations remotely and the system should offer features like customisable and automated emails & reminders, unlimited custom registration questions, bulk upload registrations, and secure payment options.

To Conclude

Happy attendees are the key to successful events. Crack the code to event success with those who have a successful track record and a glowing list of smiling customers.

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