an impeccable events with cloud based event management platform Eventurbo

Event planning has never been easy. It never will be unless you factor in several things apart from the basics such as a menu, invitations, schedules, etc.

Event planning is a huge responsibility and anyone who’s been in this field for a while would know how stressful it can get. But all’s well as long as you are able to pull it off and deliver on time everything you promised to your audience and your clients. All you need is an efficient online event management platform. A lot of organizations are doing this internally too on their own thanks to the supremely beneficial features offered by such event planning software .

If you are planning your next big event, this is how you can proceed with the best event planning platform at the helm. Here is the info-graphic checklist for planning an impeccable event:

Before the event

The first thing you need to ask yourself is why you are planning this event and what are your goals? Once you got this figured you can move on to other things such as budget, guest lists, venue, vendors, publicity, sponsors, volunteers, etc.

When you choose a good event management platform one thing you get is an enormous relief from high spends on marketing and promotions. It will have excellent capabilities that include creating and publishing events in a jiffy and inviting and engaging your participants. So you get to actually decide whom to invite, how to connect with them and keep them engaged thereafter.

Those like Eventurbo allow you to create events using your own logo letting you maintain your own individual style and approach. You can customize as required and you are in full control of payments through an integrated payment processor.

Here are the key features of Event Turbo:

  • You can preview events as you create them
  • You enjoy multilingual support for better communication and the freedom to plan multi-day events
  • The custom registration forms help not just manage the events well but also give you a chance to gather information about the participants
  • You can have as many questionnaires as you want
  • And not just that; you can also keep a tab on those who left the registration process halfway

By making this information available to you, the platform gives you an opportunity to follow up on such people. Also, you can promote the events on social media  or blend the landing and registration pages easily with any third-party website.

During the event

An integrated event planning websiteallows you to accept walk-in registrations too and manage check-ins and check-outs effectively.

You can engage with your audience through reminder emails and welcome or walk-in emails on check-ins with the help of the bulk upload feature. Vacant seats are never appealing when you put in so much effort in planning an event.

The best event planning software like Eventurbo allow you to waitlist your guests so that in the event of a cancellation, waitlisted ones can immediately be notified. For the same reason, walk-in registrations are also a great feature that allows people to make up their minds at the last minute and attend the event.

After the event

The best platform such as Eventurbo comes with excellent reporting capabilities that help you analyze your performance through real-time event analytics and registration data synchronization.

You can measure your reach, evaluate competitiveness, curtail costs and ultimately work towards enhancing user experience in the subsequent events. Also critical is the way you treat your guests after the event. The event planning software helps you send out thank you emails, send post-event feedback mails and notify guests about future events.

In closing

There is a multitude of things you can do with good event management platform such as Eventurbo. What we offer is a bunch of amazing features and capabilities because your event is equally important to us.

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