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Online event registration software has drastically unburdened organizers from tedious event planning process. Contemporary event management solutions offer quick and user-friendly features to get your event to the floor faster. These platforms have been exclusively crafted for the benefit of both the planners and the attendees. Advanced, technology-driven features of event software provide a multitude of customizations, reliable ticketing processes and assist event planners with comprehensive insights into participant count while ensuring appropriate engagement.

Event planners are going digital to successfully register and organize their events. With the rise in demand, organizers are looking for the most cost-effective, reliable and value-driven event registration software to help make their event a success. Bizzabo has been one of the leading event planning platforms in the market, but as per recent trends, organizers are looking for better, more functional Bizzabo alternatives.

Modern event planning requires modern software. Here is why Eventurbo is the all-in-one solution for event management and one of the leading Bizzabo competitors.




Online event management software, Bizzabo provides a holistic approach to event planning, registration, and marketing. From simplifying the attendee ticketing system to boosting networking sales, Bizzabo assists organizers all the way.

As one of the top Bizzabo alternatives, Eventurbo aims to revolutionize the online event registration software market by empowering users with a host of customizations and a user-friendly interface to make their event a huge success.

While Bizzabo’s presence in the market is established, users are looking to shift to online event software that is built using cutting-edge technology and connects easily with the tech-savvy generation who look for advanced features and customizations.

Here, we bring to you a breakdown of the features of the two online event registration software based on customer reviews




Registration Form Features

Registration form customization options are limited.

It allows the addition of custom fields but does not

support the inclusion of descriptions.

This hinders you from passing on important information to your attendees.

Eventurbo’s registration forms have the provision to add “others, specify” field.

Questions can be as descriptive as possible.

There are labels as well.

Eventurbo offers more than 10 question types.

Visually Restricted

The event software only provides a few basic themes for the website.

Email layout is also limited to a particular order.

You cannot customize your website as per the exact theme of your event.

Eventurbo’s design is such that 80% of the event page can be customized, except the basic frame, in the basic and turbo-charge version. The corporate version comes with 100% customization.

Confirmation emails are fully customizable and one can include content, sender’s email ID and images.

Email Limitations

Bizzabo event registration software does not save outgoing emails and you have to type the same content repeatedly.

Email formatting is limited with no way to add attachments.

The event software allows you to reuse the same content for multiple emails, for both transactional and marketing campaigns.

Thanks to the unique hierarchical structure of the platform, email content can be inherited from one level to the next, making it easier to change.

Attachments and file links can be easily added in the emails.

Complicated Ticketing System

Managing attendee tickets, orders, cancellations, refunds, and other related processes is difficult.

The ticketing interface is not user-friendly and lacks proper integration.

With Eventurbo, you can perform actions on each order at the order page.

Processing refunds and noting offline payments is seamless and accessible on the same interface.

The Several Benefits of Using Eventurbo – One of the Leading Bizzabo Alternatives

Social Media Integration – Your event’s success depends largely on the attendee turnout. Considering your event’s potential participants spend most of their time on the internet, marketing your event on social media is a crucial step towards ensuring that you reach more like-minded people. Eventurbo easily integrates social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter into the online event registration software to help you drive maximum attention to your event.

Event Dashboard – The best event registration software should be able to collate all event-related processes and integrate them into one single interface to make the organizer’s job even easier. With Eventurbo, you can find all the information pertaining to your event along with participant information, like the number of people attending your event and detailed insights about them to help organize your event better. You can also post live updates about your event on the dashboard to keep your participants well-informed.

Innovative and Customized Registration Forms – For an event’s success, it is important for the event planner to have proper knowledge about the participants to help enhance their experience. Eventurbo provides organizers with the option to create custom registration forms with features that let you personalize the event experience. With dynamic forms, you can employ drag-and-drop fields, allow language changes, and insert or delete fields as per your requirement.

Ease of Payments – One of the most important features that sets apart an online event registration software from others is the option to choose secure and reliable payment options. Eventurbo supports multiple payment gateways that are integrated into the event registration process to allow your audience with comfortable payment options. Moreover, the event software also supports multi-currency payments so that participants from across geographies can make payments in their local currency through the same platform.

Affordable Pricing – Of all event registration software, Eventurbo has the most reasonable and affordable pricing options. You can create unlimited free events without paying any fee. For paid events, a minimal 5% commission is charged that gives you access to a host of exciting features. Apart from this, against a cost-effective monthly charge, you can sell as many tickets as you want.

In conclusion, Eventurbo supports every stage of event management. Right from the time you create your event to post-event attendee feedback, Eventurbo works like your partner, supporting your every requirement throughout the entire event management process. For organizers looking for the best Bizzabo competitors, try Eventurbo – a smart and affordable solution to all your online event planningneeds.

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