Choosing the rightmost event registration software is the key element for event’s success. This tool is essential to generate event registration pages which are the first interaction point that potential attendees may encounter.

Event organizers and managers generally neglect this software, maybe owing to the lack of information.

Do you know this event registration software (which often ignored by the event managers organizers) influence the sign-up members? If no, then allow me to explain.

A good event registration software can multiply your attendees by manifolds, just by making your event website interesting and interacting. This can really make or break your event and thus places a great deal of importance on getting the registration right.

However, with a plethora of options out there in the market, selecting the appropriate event registration software can be the grueling task.

However, before mentioning the important things to consider when choosing event registration software, let just discuss some benefits of this software which add value to your thoughts and make it worth-considering.

Benefits of Event Registration Software

Event Registration Software is a modern-day tool and thus evoked plenty of benefits for the users. Let’s just discuss some of them.

Save Time

The first and the foremost benefit to consider this software is that it saves lots of time which event organizers and managers can invest somewhere else to ensure the success of the event.

It enables you to focus on important parts of the planning an event and releases other responsibilities from your shoulders.

Using multiple platforms for using the registration, event website, email marketing, etc is not at all a good solution and the event manager who does this always ends up in wasting time and effort.

Use this software and focus on improving the event instead of making useless technical changes that wastes time.

Understand your events well

Using all-in-platform with event registration built-in makes it simple to observe valuable insights that can really help you in understanding your events much effectively.

Such platforms focus on the data that is relevant to event organizers and neglect the information that doesn’t matter.

Increase registration by manifolds

Event managers make the use of ample marketing techniques to increase the event registration but they usually forget to employ event registration software that can affect sign-up numbers and sales.

Event Registration software makes your event website interactive and easy to use and thus transforms casual visitors to the potential attendees.

10 Features need to be Considered While Choosing Event Registration Software

Thinking about employing event registration software is simple but actually finding the software that meets all your expectations and fits your pocket well surely isn’t.

The market is flooded with a mind-boggling number of options and thus comparison shopping can be strenuous. Look, a first step towards finding the rightmost event registration software is to clarify which features are “must-have” and which ones are “nice to have”.

I know this line is troubling you but this is perhaps the sole way to get the appropriate option.

However, before diving into a detailed discussion, let me clear you one thing that there is no one size fits all answer.

The best software is the one provides you the greatest flexibility and fits your overall event goals. Without further ado,

let’s discuss some essential factors or features to look for while searching for the best event registration platform. Here, we go!

1. Social Media Integration

Social media plays a great role in attracting attendees, thereby, making your event successful. Event registration software incorporates social media into the event registration process to motivate event attendees. It basically shares your event details on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

This feature is essential to increase the number of attendees easily. With the help of this, organizers can easily share their event information with the mind-boggling number of people and can fetch their attention in no time.

However, this feature can be easily turned off for private events so as to maintain the utmost privacy.

Social media integration simply drives more and more people to the event registration page so that they can get to know the event and sign-up quickly.

2. Ease of Use

The second most important feature to consider while choosing event registration software is its ease of use.

The basic objective of the event registration software is to club all event-related things into one platform in order to save time and make things easy for the organizers.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the platform that can be used without putting extra effort.

This tool is supposed to make it easier to plan things and execute the same. Purchasing such software whose interface is not updated or the system crashes doesn’t make any sense.

How inexpensive and how cool it might seem, but it ends up with easting your time and effort.

3. Custom Registration Forms

Next important thing to look for is the custom registration form. A custom registration form provides the event planner full flexibility in generating a form that is appealing and effective in collecting the attendees’ data.

Event organizers and managers should go with the event registration software that offers dynamic registration form interface with drag and drop fields, change language easily, and have the possibility to insert custom fields.

All these things make it easy for the attendees to fill-up the form and for event planners to collect the important data. Don’t neglect this feature as this small thing can make or break your event.

4. Ticket Boost Option

In this cutting-edge competition where your competitors are ready to do anything to break your customers, attracting new attendees and retaining the existing one is an arduous task. Luckily, the solution is out there in the form of a ticket boost option.

This option is basically a single or double-sided discounting system that permits you to reward event attendees who prefer their near and dear ones to your event.

It’s up to you whether you want to offer a discount to either one side or both sides with a percentage or fixed discount for each person they refer to your account.

Who on this planet doesn’t love discounts and thus this feature instantly increase event awareness, the website traffic and thereby registration?

5. Don’t overlook Look and Feel

Appearance and function go hand in hand and thus don’t overlook look and feel of the event registration software.

The platform you choose must look appealing and beautiful to both attendee and event planner. A platform that is easy on the eyes is pleasant to use and attract visitors with much ease and comfort.

A well-designed platform establishes a beautiful connection between attendees and the event which they are going to attend.

Be sure to select the event registration software that is created with attractive and innovative design in mind. Never just think practically and that visitors will come to your website just to know the details of the event and to sign-up for the same.

Don’t underestimate the power of beautiful design as this feature can dramatically increase the number of attendees beyond your expectation.

6. Real-time polling and Surveys

Gone are the days when it was enough to aware your attendees with the event agenda and then hope for the best as now is the time when you can influence attendees and make them your regular customer.

However, this is not as simple as it seems to be. Your attendees are there to not just attend the event rather to take part in the same by knowing every single aspect.

With Real-time polling and surveys feature, you can give you attendees a voice through which they can connect to one another, get to know exact event objective, post to the social media and a lot more.

In addition to this, event registration software incorporated with the real-time polling and surveys enhance attendee engagement and allow event planners to access the valuable analytics to know what exactly resonates with them the most.

7. Send Notification and Updates

Notification and updates are important to make attendees feel special as well as to remind them about the event from time to time.

Event planners and organizers must opt for the software that has the ability to send out notifications and maintain communication with attendees in an easy and effective way.

From converting invitees to registrants, keep your attendees up to date and increase anticipation, your chosen event registration software should give you the option to seamlessly communicate with them.

8. Generate Hot Leads

One thing that event planners must keep in their mind is that not everyone who begins the event registration process will complete the same.

The main problem is that event planners have no way to know who those people are and here, hot leads feature comes into role.

This feature gives them the ability to email these potential attendees to bring them back to your event.

As a result of this, event planners who use hot leads attract more event attendees as compared to those who don’t. Basically, this is a much-needed tool for event planners hoping to attend more attendees.

This is the most powerful tool that can increase registration by recovering those lost registrations.

9. Quality over quantity

Preferring quantity over quality ends up with nothing. The worst decision one can make while choosing a registration feature is to look for the number of features rather than their quality.

A large number of features is of no use if they are not functional. Try to opt for the platform that possesses quality features which can make your event successful. Before making the final purchase, make sure that these features are well-designed and work well.

10. Price can be underestimated

Last but not the least thing that you cannot neglect is the price of the event registration software .

A variety of features and modules are not the only elements to consider when making the final software selection, the price also plays the major or the deciding role in the same.

Deciding how much you can invest on the tool outlines your list of specifications and brings 4 to 5 different solutions that fit your initial specification listing.

Price is unarguably the decider of your final purchase. Prepare your budget and then start the searching process.

It is advised not to compromise the quality just to save a few bucks; however, DO NOT exceed the final budget as it will trouble you in the near future.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Making the Final Selection

Now, you are aware of the features and important aspects to be considered while selecting the event registration software, let’s just find out common mistakes you must avoid while making this final selection.

Underestimating Implications

Event registration software is closely associated with all other event planning activities like contact management, email marketing, event strategy and a lot more and thus you should opt for the platform that works effectively with all event planning initiatives so as to make the event successful.

Being Afraid of trying new technologies

Yet another common mistake event planners and organizers usually commit is that they afraid of trying new technologies If event managers have an urge to step up their game in the industry then they will have to adopt new technologies without having to worry about their after-effects.

Be open to least trying event registration platforms for yourself and only then decide which one works best for you and meets your expectations effectively.

Choosing cheap and inexpensive products

I know budget is the constraint for some startups and medium-sized event companies but choosing cheap and inexpensive software does nothing for you.

When it comes to selecting an event registration platform, going cheap and cutting corners will surely bite you.

Saving hundreds of dollars might sound good at first but its after-effects can harm your business.

Under Utilizing the Platform

Whatever event registration software you decide to purchase, make sure to get your money’s worth. It is a good idea to learn how to maximize the benefits of the platform you select.