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With events being touted as one of the most important and effective marketing strategies, event management companies as well as corporates are going all out to take their event planning to the next level. Needless to say, this works beautifully for all concerned.

Events can be planned in a way that they bring about maximum interaction and yet create a buzz that just won’t go unnoticed.

Take a look at some of the best event planning ideas you can leverage too in order to make your events the talk of the town and get more prospects along the way.

 Venue matters

It’s important to pick a good venue, because whoever told you that venue is immaterial clearly didn’t get their basics right. People are willing to mix business and leisure and having an annual event or a party in exotic locations adds to the whole excitement.

A good event management platform can help you get started providing assistance in everything from creating a guest list to sending out reminders to guests. If finding a good location is a little out of your budget, do not hesitate to design one.

In a classic B2B setting, experiential marketing is now gaining momentum. You can build realistic theme setting to add to the experience.

 Bring on the talent

A talent show would be a good idea to stage events annually wherein you don’t just appreciate in-house talent but also invite important associates and key people associated with your company.

These kinds of informal meets help boost the rapport and take conversations beyond the boardroom.

 Go for prestigious collabs

Exhibitions, sponsorships, collaborations are great ways of enticing attendees and creating a unique event experience.

This not only allows them to up their industry knowledge but also engages them more meaningfully. Good collaborations also speak volumes about your merit since top brands will want to associate with you only if you are good and genuine.

So this kind of handholding goes a long way in establishing your credibility in the eyes of partners and customers.

Mystery dinner anyone?

Sounds mysterious but imagine if you hosted one wherein only you the organizer knew the venue and the exact guest list? So you send out ‘save the date’ cards and the guests are informed about the exact location only on the day of the event.

A classic sit-down dinner, this could be a good way to add up registrations and build your lead generation list.

The high point of the dinner of course would be the presence of industry leaders and a decent amount of time reserved for people to meet and greet.

 Leverage immersive technology

Augmented reality and virtual reality are changing the dynamics of event planning. You can use both either at the booth or the reception to create a lasting impression on the minds of attendees.

Of course, it costs a little more but you can decide the extent to which you want to use it and can accordingly opt for software or solutions that meet your needs.

 Live demos

The chances of someone actually going to your website or checking out your presentations are very bleak given everyone’s busy work schedules.

However, you can incorporate live demos within the events to impress the audience with functionalities and benefits. Imagine exhibiting your product in full glory and unveiling its prowess in front of a full house.

Feel it? That’s the kind of impact and appeal we are talking about.

 Use event management software

Unless you are up for some faux pas and glitches, it would be a good idea to use the right event management software for your event.

A good event management software platform like EvenTurbo offers excellent guest management and lead generation functionalities that take care of all your event management stress right from managing contacts to generating data from the event.


Event management can be cakewalk provided you use the right tools and resources.

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