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In a day and age where everything happens online, it comes as no surprise that event planners worldwide search for many alternative to Eventbrite that are leveraging the reach and comfort of online event management. When you plan an event, you set up an informative event website that gives away all the important details and also enhances user experience.

In order to achieve all this, you would want to sign up with an online event registration platform or software. Those who are aware of this, often seek the services of Eventbrite, a popular choice of many. Whether it is indeed worth opting for Eventbrite India is however something only you can decide after you are done reading this.

Eventurbo has many features compared to Eventbrite

We aim to introduce you to the many incredible services of Eventurbo and why it is in our opinion a smart alternative to its popular counterpart Eventbrite. Read on.

The key highlights of Eventbrite

  • It charges you for online event registration ticketing services unless the event is a free event. It helps you browse, create and promote events.
  • Even if you opt for the basic Essentials plan, you end up paying 2% + $0.79 for every ticket sold.
  • Payouts, which are usually processed 4-5 days after the end of the event, can be managed via Eventbrite Payment Processing, PayPal or Authorize.Net.

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Apart from the much-needed peace of mind, another critical factor that hugely matters however is cost. In contrast to Eventbrite, Eventurbo gives you more flexi options that work purely for your benefit as an event organizer.

After all, the right event management website is the one that’s feature-rich, high on functionality and yet gives you the cost benefit. So why pay more when you can get much more for less?

The math

Your payment solution provider should be your partner and should not charge you a bomb for selling tickets. Eventurbo understands this and ensures that you don’t pay exorbitantly for its services.

  • Eventbrite charges you, the organizer, per ticket.
  • Contrary to that, Eventurbo charges a monthly fee.
  • So against a fee of $299/m, it allows you to sell as many tickets as you want.
  • What you get is a premium service and a host of amazing features.

Eventbrite and many others process your payments in 4-5 days after the event, that too with an additional processing fee of 2.5%.

Eventurbo on the other hand, allows you to route your payments through your own payment providers so that you receive money directly into your account without delay.

After all, funds are crucial during events and of what use are they if they are not available when you need them the most?

Eventurbo supports at every stage of Event

The Eventurbo advantage:

  1. Since Eventbrite is more like a marketplace, it will entice attendees and visitors with several other similar events. This can take them away from your event page.
  2. Eventurbo however keeps them focused by giving you greater control on what they see on the landing page.
  3. The rationale is to urge them to complete the online event registration process and complete the payment.
  4. Also, it offers customizations to provide an unmatched event registration and ticket purchasing experience.
  5. You can decide the look and feel of your event page, add your own logo and give it the feel that’s absolutely personal and inviting.

Summing up:

No matter what the nature of your event is, you can rely on Eventurbo for fast registrations, affordable ticket sale, user-friendly experience and a world of customization.

And that’s not all; we have plenty to keep your attendees engaged both, before and after the event. So the next time you thinking of planning an event or looking for an online event registration platform, turn to Eventurbo. It’s the best event management website you can think of.

It’s smart, it’s intuitive. It’s Eventurbo.

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