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Why you need to organize Alumni Events?

While everyone gets busy with their lives eventually, most are usually excited about attending alumni meets. It’s the time to see how far you have come, renew old bonds and create new ones, and make memories. 

Nothing is ever more nostalgic than an alumni meet. Imagine meeting all those you grew up with, shared your ambitions and inhibitions with, and scaled to academic heights (hopefully!) together. 

A lot of times, alumni events also serve as the perfect backdrop for new opportunities and collaborations. You may be the owner of a start-up and your buddy may be running an enterprise that needs the exact services you offer. 

No matter what, no one will ever pass up the opportunity of reuniting with old friends at alumni meets provided they are executed well. And that’s where a good alumni events management system comes into the picture. 

How to get Sponsorships during Alumni Meet-up Events?

No event can succeed unless it has predefined goals. Is it just a meet and greet opportunity or a strategic event for fundraising or career advancement? You could accordingly develop an event page for the same with the help of Eventurbo. 

You can create the perfect look and feel of your event from scratch and even build an attendee list. Given the geographic spread and time paucity, it helps to plan ahead and give all concerned prior intimation.

Following are the events you can conduct during Alumni Meetup to get Sponsorships:

  1. Seminars and Conferences
  2. Appreciation or award ceremony
  3. Workshops Etc…


Are you looking for an interesting theme for your next alumni networking event?

Want to add value for your alumni and provide benefits they can association with their alumni network?

Why not consider offering your alumni the opportunity to ‘get up to speed’ personally and/or professionally on digital media and communications, and how they can use the Internet, Email, Social Media, Professional Networking etc for their professional development and/or the growth of their business or organisation?

Eventurbo facilitates social media sharing in a way that you can broadcast things as you plan. You can expect more registrations this way. Bulk registrations are easily accepted along with walk-in registrations. No matter when a person decides to attend the event, Eventurbo plays the perfect host on your part. 

We will work with you to provide a fascinating professional networking event for your alumni with real added value, benefiting them personally and professionally.

Benefits of creating Workshop Events during Alumni Meetup:

Creating professional conferences, summits, workshops and seminars have positive impacts on business professionals especially during Alumni Meetups. 

During Alumni Meetups you will get an opportunity to develop new professional relationships, meet new friends, gain knowledge and become more successful in your career.

  • Develop knowledge and learn new skills
  • Improve your future employment opportunities through Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Network with fellow professionals

Create opportunities to increase engagement

While it’s fun to socialise, you could add a little value to this interaction by inviting a guest or a speaker or someone who can offer insights on taking this association to the next level. 

A workshop, a book reading session or a musical extravaganza are some alumni meet events ideas you may want to consider. 

No matter how simple alumni meet events ideas you come up with, they are going to fall flat unless you broadcast them through an alumni events management system well. 

If the alumni events involve a performance or a show within an auditorium, it even waitlists attendees to ensure a houseful show. For paid events, it offers convenient payment gateways with multiple currency options. So even those settled abroad can make secure payments. 

An event to remember

Encourage greater participation at alumni events by inviting close friends and families of attendees. Smart alumni events management system like Eventurbo will help you send invitations, notifications and reminders before the event and continue engagement even after the conclusion of alumni events. 

It will send out event feedback mails and invites for future events and even send out exclusive takeaways to keep the interaction going. What it ensures is an unforgettable experience, one that leaves them wanting for more. 

In closing

Eventurbo is not just an alumni events management system. It works effortless well for every event and event size. It keeps a tab on activities when you are busy managing other important chores. 

It gives users the edge to plan exemplary events that leave a great aftertaste long after they are over. Count on Eventurbo, for the most eventful experiences.

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