online registration platform

The demand of online registration platform is increasing across the globe. However, there are still many who question its existence and usefulness. If you had a chance to witness the admission procedure of an educational establishment you would know having an online solution would really help.
Current ProcessThe members managing the registration desk and the accounts departments are overloaded with tons of admission documents. They manage registration form distribution, collecting filled-up forms, accept payments, verify the registration details and enter data in the database accurately. Students equally go through a rough process, from collecting forms, submitting forms and till making payments. This may require multiple visits to the institutes.

                                                                    (Image Source: India Today)

Eventurbo to automate the processAs we learnt from above, there can be lot of manual work when it comes to admissions. What is the best way to tackle the pressure? Taking help of an online registration platform.  It streamlines the process, few important facts about Eventurbo:
1. Easy to create registrations form and available 24×7 to the candidates.2. Collect admission fee via secured online payment management system. Real time payment reports and reconciliation.3. Admission data is stored on a centralized server and can be access from anywhere.4. Use wait-list to enable maximum participation for admissions.5. Sending customized confirmations, notifications and invite can be done with ease.
Using Eventurbo means that you have zero paper work; minimum data error; better communications with candidates and candidates do not have to queue up in from of your offices. The process would be much faster and streamlined than ever.
Eventurbo can connect with third party CRM tools that is already used by your establishment. The inbuilt connector allows you to handle online registrations and payments conveniently through it, without leaving the LMS or the CRM interface at all.
Educational institutes have to handle admissions every year; sometimes even twice or more within a year depending on the duration of course/s on offer. It’s not really a one-off phenomenon. So, if any institute intends to make these recurring admission procedures a smooth affair then it should ideally opt for the online class registration software.  It certainly spells great business values in the long run.
Here is a write-up that outlines benefits of using an online platform for registrations. If you would like to know more on how we can help you, please sign up for a demo here.