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As an event management company or a corporate that requires to host events and social gatherings on numerous occasions, it is important that you look at all the critical aspects of event management and seek solutions that save time and money.

For many, the biggest challenge is membership management. Your guests need to be treated with sensitivity. Greater the number of satisfied members more would be the success rate of your events. No matter how big or small an event is, the right membership management software will have everything you need.

Take a look at everything membership management software can do for you.

It’s easy

Now that’s something membership management software ought to be. Your data will be safe and you will no longer have to do the tedious task of organizing and maintaining boring spreadsheets. You can add modify or delete records as often as required and can also search or share your database.

Member database is updated in real time and automatically backed up as well. The best part is that members can be provided with individual logins so that they can update info on their own. What you actually create is a searchable online member directory that allows easy access and quick customization.

Better communication and customization

Eventurbo’s Membership management software gives you a chance to manage contacts in one place. You get to send email newsletters and manage a wide network of members from diverse fields efficiently. You can track records, view membership status, register events, and edit details in just a few clicks. You can use multiple search criteria or save advanced searches for future use.

There are mobile apps so that you can do all this on the go. You can send bulk mails, notify members about upcoming events, send reminders or have them subscribed to your newsletter. You can even customize the registration form to incorporate your own business logo and create custom registration questions too. You even have the option of bulk uploads for registrations.

Secure payment

That’s yet another crucial feature you need to factor in while choosing the best member management software. Eventurbo for instance offers secure payment options along with the choice to set up recurring payments so that renewals can be done automatically and you don’t really have to chase them for doing so. You enjoy direct access to payment gateways that too at no additional costs or processing fees.

Multiple taxes can be applied too so that you can ensure accurate transactions for all imaginable combinations of taxes and payment plans. We have a two step verification and login tracking option too so that all financial transactions are secured every step of the way.

Summing up

Membership management software gives you complete peace of mind and ensures that your members are never hassled even in the slightest manner for simple chores pertaining to registrations, payments, event details, etc. It’s like having your own personal assistant who’s trained and efficient.

Schedule a free demo and allow us to take you on a virtual member management tour. You’ll be surprised to see how extraordinary it can be.

Membership Management Software

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