5 creative event ideas for corporates

Corporate events are becoming increasingly common these days, and are fast becoming popular too. From employee engagement programs to product launches, there are multiple reasons why a company may want to host an event. Luckily, there are professionals like us who can take care of each one of them and make it a success.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common corporate events that can be planned in the most creative manner with the right event planning softwarein India.

Board meetings

The most common are the board meetings and also the shareholder meetings that involve all decision makers. Everyone comes together to discuss business reports and the overall performance of the company. This is also the time critical business decisions are made.

A good event management software company can go a long way in helping companies organize these meetings effectively. Right from ensuring that all concerned are notified about the meeting to ensuring that venue details and meeting agenda is properly conveyed, the event management software company can prove to be quite a boon that companies need during such important meetings.

Business Conference

Conferences can be most enjoyable if planned right. While putting forth the latest happenings, it’s a time to create brand awareness. Event planning software can help companies leverage them well to host networking dinners and plan activities to keep everyone engaged.

The good part is that registration is absolutely free- for you and for your guests.

Training events

These are an absolute must-have for those who understand the importance of upgrading skills and keeping their workforce abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields.

The right event management software helps you plan them perfectly taking care of the nitty-gritties while giving you the time to focus on the training content. Right from deciding the venue to determining the exact number of attendees to providing them location details to planning the entire day, good event management software will help you with all the chores pertaining to a well-planned training event.

While there are paid services too, ‘free to all’ events can be planned exceedingly well with zero hassle.

Award functions

What would a company achieve without its employees? Employee appreciation therefore is one of the key elements companies need to look into. Event management software can help you plan an award function that’s memorable and well-planned. Besides, these events should not be a momentary celebration.

Using the software, you can send out invites, and also make the event live for your business partners to see. Notifications can be sent and pictures of the event can be sent out laterto attendees and guests too.

The after-event is an important phase and you can entrust this job to an experienced event management company.

Trade shows

Planning or participating in trade shows can be tricky. After all, it’s not limited to your company or field alone. In the absence of knowledge and exposure pertaining to other fields, having the right event management software company by your side can be immensely helpful.

You need to have an attractive display, the right background music, a presentation that highlights the key points of your product, and a list of people who have shown interest in your offerings and who could be instrumental in creating lucrative business opportunities in the future.

All these things require bandwidth and plenty of people to manage the many tasks. But with event management software, you can do all this within the snap of a finger.


An event management software company can go a long way in helping you plan corporate events that don’t just serve the purpose but also create lasting impressions. Of course, it is important to partner with the one that understands your business needs well.
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